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Penalty Shoot Out casino game

Penalty Shoot Out casino game

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If you’ve been looking for something special in our online casino, and also related to football, then you’ve come to the right place. Because Penalty Shoot Out is a football slot that does not have reels and winning lines or matches. There is a ball and a goal in which to score it. Therefore, you need to not just press the button, but actively play and choose to win. Because here it depends on your choice whether you will win or not.

This slot can be classified as an intuitive crash game like Aviator 1win, where it also depends on the player’s decision whether he wins or loses money. However, the Penalty Shoot Out slot added on 1win official site is more like an arcade game where the player takes direct, active participation.

What's in Penalty Shoot Out?

After opening the game, the player first selects one of the 24 countries for which he wishes to play. And then he finds himself on the football field in front of the opposing team’s goal. There is a goalkeeper standing in the goal, who is ready to knock your ball away at any moment.

The ball itself is located on the penalty 11-meter mark, from which the penalty kick is taken. It is from this mark that you will need to score the ball at all costs to bring victory to your team and win the prize and return your real money invested in the bet. That’s why this game is called “Penalty”, because you will always score only free kicks. At the same time, you will still have to choose where to hit each time, and decide whether to take the money or take a risk.

Penalty Shoot Out 1win - game rules

Like all gambling online games, the Penalty Shoot Out slot has the simplest game rules. Developed by Evoplay Entertainment, the game features rounds. At the same time, each round consists of a maximum of 5 goals scored in a row. And for each scored ball in one round, the player receives a doubling of winnings according to the following scheme:

casino 1win Penalty Shoot Out

  • 1 ball – x1.92. This means that with a bet of 100 hryvnias, you will receive a prize of 92 hryvnias for a scored goal.
  • 2 ball – x3.84. That is, if you decide to take a risk and score another goal, you will receive not 92, but 284 hryvnias at a bet of 100 hryvnias.
  • 3 ball – will double the winnings once more and it will already be x7.68. Or 668 hryvnias of net profit.
  • 4 ball – x15.36. This means that for 4 scored goals in a row, you will receive a profit of 100 hryvnias in the amount of 1436 hryvnias.
  • 5 ball – maximum win x30.72 or 2972 hryvnias.

If a player does not score at least once, or collects money after the first, or 2, 3 or 4 goals, then the round ends and a new game begins.

Also according to the rules, the player can choose 5 places in the goal to hit with the ball: 4 corners and the middle of the goal from above. In addition, if the player hesitates in choosing where to hit, he can press the “Random” button, after which the system will automatically choose where the ball will fly.

Penalty Shoot Out game strategy for 1win

Players at 1win casino play this game in different ways. Some randomly, and some following a strict strategy. The most common strategy for playing slots is the doubling strategy - Martingale. According to the rules of this strategy, you need to double the bet with each loss. And after winning, withdraw the money and make the next bet with the initial amount.

Thus, by doubling the bet, players get back all the money they lost earlier and also have a small profit. However, it is worth considering that such a strategy requires significant capital, and also works only if the game has no restrictions. And the Penalty Shoot Out money game has a limit of 5 shots in one round. So whether to use a strategy or not is up to you. But you must try to play

1win Penalty Shoot Out


How to install Penalty Shoot Out game on mobile phone?

To do this, you need to go to the 1win online casino website from a mobile phone and download our mobile application by clicking on a special link in the form of an icon of your operating system. After that, install the application on your phone or tablet, log in and find the Penalty Shoot Out game through the search term.

How to play Penalty Shoot Out for free?

The developer has equipped the Penalty Shoot Out game with the ability to work in demo mode. In this mode, players receive virtual money that can be used to place bets. By betting on virtual funds, you can score penalties absolutely free of charge.

Are there bonuses in Penalty Shoot Out?

Because Penalty Shoot Out is an unusual slot, it doesn't have the usual extras that other slots offer. So there are no bonuses, no bonus rounds, or anything else. Only 5 shots per round. Even if you score 5 goals in a row, after that, a new round will simply start again.

What is the maximum win in Penalty Shoot Out?

In one round in the Penalty Shoot Out game, you can bet from 40 to 20,000 hryvnias. At the same time, the maximum profit is x30. So if you are lucky and you score 5 goals in a row with a maximum bet of 20 thousand hryvnias, your winnings will be 30 times larger. That is, you can win a maximum of 600,000 hryvnias.
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