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Bonuses are an integral part of gambling, without which it is impossible to imagine the industry. There are many different bonuses in bookmakers, 1vin is no exception. Users of our site receive bonuses and gifts at each stage of the game, be it 1win registration and first deposit, or weekly cashback. In this article, we will talk about one of the welcome bonuses that you can get immediately after registration - promo code 1win.

Promo code 1win podarok22
Bonus percentage 200%
Maximum bonus amount 15,000₴

1win promocode

How to use promo code 1win

When we talk about the welcome bonus, we mean the registration and the initial stage of the game. In 1win bank, you can enter a promo code at the registration stage, while receiving a good bonus.

To do this, you need to find 1win working mirror to get to the official site. It is quite simple to do this: go to the main page of our site and click on the banner with the website of the bookmaker. Next, you need to click on the registration button, fill in the necessary fields and add a field with a promotional code for the bonus. It is important that you can enter a promotional code and receive a gift only at the registration stage, then this opportunity will no longer exist.

But if you come across 1win promotional codes for regular customers, then they can be activated in your personal account. To do this, click on your profile picture and go to the “Vouchers” section. Then enter the available character sequence in the empty field and click on the “Activate” button. The set bonus in the online casino will be activated instantly.

What bonus does the player who activated the promo code on 1win receive

After registration, you will need to make your first deposit, on which you will receive a bonus. Promo code 1it will give you 200% of the amount of the first deposit. The minimum deposit must be more than 50 hryvnias, only in this case you will receive a welcome bonus. In addition, you will have the opportunity to receive additional funds for the next three deposits. The total percentage of the bonus is 500%, and it is distributed as follows:

  • 200% for the first top-up;
  • 150% for the second top-up;
  • 100% for the third top-up;
  • 50% for the fourth top-up.

From time to time, the rules and conditions for accruing deposit bonuses change, becoming even more accessible to customers. Therefore, do not forget to follow the updates on the website or social networks of the online casino. Perhaps your 1win promo code for the bonus can be activated without splitting the deposit into five parts!
1vin promocode

How to use the bonus from the promo code 1vin

It is necessary to understand that the additional percentage is only bonus funds, and not real money. As in many other bookmakers, the 1win promotional code bonus must be redeemed, but the terms of redemption are different from other sites. Most likely, you have heard about Wager and its classic method of playing. Well, everything is much simpler in the bookmaker office 1
Bonus funds can be withdrawn in two ways:

  • Making 1 win bets on sports;
  • Gambling for money.

In each of these methods, the terms of return will be different, so we will analyze them separately.

Betting on sports: playing bonus

In order to convert the bonus funds into real money, you need to make betting bets with a coefficient of 3 or more. If the result is successful, 5% of the bet amount is transferred from the bonus account to the main account. For ease of understanding, let’s explain the whole system on the fingers.

Suppose we made a bet of 1,000 hryvnias with a coefficient of 3. The winnings were 3,000 hryvnias, and another 50 is added to this amount, since 5% of 1,000 is exactly 50 hryvnias.

How to win a bonus while playing in 1win casino online

There is only one way to win back bonus funds from the promo code 1vin in an online casino, namely: to lose money in games. You understood everything correctly, part of the lost amount for the previous day is returned to the main account from bonus funds. It is clear to everyone that playing in a casino consists not only of winning, but also of losing. And at the 1win casino, you will benefit not only from victories, but also from losses, because they will also bring you money. The win-back percentage depends on the amount lost:

Loss Amount Percentage of bonuses
$65 1%
$265 2%
$650 3%
$1300 4%
$6600 5%
$9,200 10%
$13,000 20%

Thus, the bonus that brings 1 win promo code perfectly complements another casino bonus offer. Namely - a weekly cashback up to 30%. In this way, you can plan your potential costs more accurately, even taking into account losses.

1win: withdrawal of bonus funds by promotional code

It would seem that what could be more pleasant and easier than withdrawing issued money? Although there is nothing complicated in this, there are still nuances, not knowing which conclusion can become quite unpleasant. Let’s list the basic rules of withdrawal and its features in 1win BC.

  • You can choose a currency once during the registration process, after which it will no longer be possible to change it;
  • Withdrawal of funds occurs only through the payment system through which the deposit was made. That is, you cannot top up the account with cryptocurrency, but withdraw money to the card. But we remind you that when you replenish your account with one of the forty supported cryptocurrencies, you can get 2% on top of your account with real money;
  • If the withdrawal amount does not exceed 1,500 hryvnias, it will be paid out within an hour. If the amount is more than 1,500 hryvnias, the conclusion can be processed up to 3 days;
  • 1win bookmaker does not charge a withdrawal fee, but your payment system may. The terms of this should be found in the rules of use of your payment system;
  • Withdrawal of money takes place only when the user confirms his identity with the help of verification. This procedure is standard for all legal bookmakers and online casinos. You will be required to scan an identity document.

Pay attention to the first paragraph, which says that it is impossible to change the currency on the 1win online casino website. This is true, but you can get around the problem in another way - create an alternative account in a different currency! The only caveat is that it is impossible to transfer money between your accounts. You will have to re-deposit and switch to the balance you need before launching a particular game. And if you managed to figure out how to use the 1win bonus before activating it, you can do it with the right account.

Important nuances of using the 1win promo code

Some gamblers try to circumvent the rules of the gambling establishment by using the promo code 1win on multiple accounts. Obviously, this is not the way to do it. If you violate the rules of an online casino that upholds the principles of fair play for everyone, the administration has every right to deprive an unscrupulous client not only of the bonus, but also of access to all accounts. If one day you missed a profit, do not despair. 1win promo codes appear regularly, and you can still honestly collect your bonus and become the owner of a big win!

Where to find current 1win promo codes

We figured out how to activate the 1win promotional code and what nuances you need to take into account. But it is equally important to know how to get online casino vouchers and where exactly they are published. At the moment there are several relevant options:

  • Social networks of the casino - the promo code 1win is easiest to get in the official groups of online casinos in social networks. You only need to subscribe to them and stay tuned! Along with that, don’t forget to claim your no deposit bonus on the 1win website.
  • Online casino site - additional vouchers can be collected on the platform itself. 1win promotional codes are regularly published in the “Promotions and Bonuses” section, which can be activated immediately.
  • Channel in Telegram - regular subscribers of the Telegram channel get access to interesting content and novelties of online casinos. But you can also use the current promotional codes to get profitable bonuses!

Partner resources - even if you are on a break from gambling and do not follow the news, you can get a 1win promo code. Our partners regularly publish up-to-date vouchers on their websites, in social network groups, on Youtube and even on Telegram channels.


Does the 1win bookmaker have promotional codes?

1win BC has many beneficial bonuses, one of which can be obtained by activating a promotional code. This bonus will give you additional funds to play, the amount of which will depend on your deposit. 200% of the first deposit will go to your bonus account, which will then have to be withdrawn.

Where can I find an active 1win promo code?

The promo code for the 1win bonus can be found on forums and browser sites with a gambling theme. However, not everywhere promo codes will be active, as they have their own term. Therefore, when you are looking for a promotional code for 1win, pay attention to the publication date and its expiration date.

Do I need to play the bonus with the promo code 1win?

Like any other bonus in the casino, the gift with the promo code 1vin will also need to be played. Bonus funds can be withdrawn in two ways: playing casino games and betting on sports. When making betting bets, you need to find results with a coefficient of 3 or more, then the bonus money will turn into real money. If you gamble online, a loss will give you a chance to transfer funds from the bonus account to the main account. The bigger the loss, the higher percentage of bonuses will turn into real money.

How and when can I activate the promotional code 1vin?

1win promo code can be activated only during registration. In the form of filling out personal data, a new player can add a field with a promotional code and activate it after registration. If you already have an account at the 1vin bookmaker, unfortunately you will not be able to activate the promotional code.