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1win bonuses: which to use?

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1win bookmaker always tries to surprise its users with the most interesting and profitable bonuses. Against the background of other offices, ours is distinguished by the fact that it distinguishes regular players. This does not mean that we do not give any bonuses to new customers. On the contrary, the welcome bonus can compete on equal terms with many other bookmakers. However, 1win bonuses for regular players almost completely overshadow them, because you can hardly find this anywhere.

But let’s talk about everything in turn. Let’s analyze 1win bonuses in the order in which each user of our playground receives them.

1win bookmaker bonuses can be divided into the following types:

  • 1win bonuses for new players;
  • Bonuses for regular players;
  • Bonuses for fans of sports betting;
  • Bonus for installing a mobile application.

And now we will analyze and discuss in detail each of these types. But before that, we remind you that any 1win bonus is activated only after registering on the online casino website. This can be done in just a few seconds using the convenient functionality of the platform. In order not to waste your time, you can synchronize account data from popular social networks and email services.

1win bonuses

1win: bonuses for new players

The welcome bonus is one of the most important in the gambling industry. Most bookmakers and online casinos emphasize this bonus, because thanks to it, you can attract many newcomers. The most popular bonus for new casino players is freespins for signing up. Non-deposit gift funds are also often used when it comes to bookmakers. Bonus when registering without a deposit has its advantages, but they are overshadowed by a big disadvantage in the form of a wager.

Therefore, we decided to deviate a little from the generally accepted canon and present other welcome gifts. It is about gift bonus funds in the form of 500% of your deposit.

Bonus 1win on deposit 500%

Each new player who registers on the 1win website and makes the first deposit receives additional funds for the game. 500% of the deposited funds are divided into the first four account top-ups:

  • 200% on the first top-up;
  • 150% on the second top-up;
  • 100% on the third top-up;
  • 50% on the fourth top-up.

However, it should be noted here that gift funds are not real money. As in any other bookmaker, bonus for 1win registration must be played. Unlike other gaming sites, we do not oblige you to play a wager, which destroys almost all of your winnings. The terms of our return depends on how the user disposes of his bonus. The player chooses:

  • Bet on sports using your gift funds.

In this case, the user needs to make bets with a coefficient of more than 3. Thus, the bonus money will be played quite quickly and productively, because such a ratio can significantly increase the initial amount. Express bets are perfect for this, in which you can place bets on several sports events at once.

  • Play in the casino for gift money.

If you are going to play in 1win casino, the registration bonus is played as simply as possible. For this you only need to play regularly. Still, they understand that in a casino you can both win and lose, and most often the win is approximately equal to the loss. So, in order to turn bonus money into real money, you need to lose a certain amount. It looks something like this:

Loss amount Percentage of bonuses
$65 1%
$265 2%
$650 3%
$1300 4%
$6600 5%
$9,200 10%
$13,000 20%

That is, for the lost amount of money for the previous day, you get a percentage of your bonus account. This means that by playing actively, you can not only win real money, but also return part of the loss. However, this is only the beginning, because we have only considered the bonus for registering at 1win casino, further it will be more interesting.

1win Bonuses

Alternative 1win first deposit bonus

If you want to opt out of the largest promotion in the form of +500% for registration, you can use an alternative option. The online casino offers a unique 1win bonus for those who only want to play real money slots. So, the client only needs to deposit at least 1500 RUB or the equivalent amount in another currency to get 70 free spins! Like other 1win bonuses, this casino offer is activated instantly after the funds are credited to the account.

You can use 70 free spins in a certain list of Quickspin slots, which are very popular among gamblers. Carefully follow the possible updates of this list on the online casino website. It is quite possible that you will be able to use the free spins on your favorite slots!

Bonuses for regular 1win players

Now we move on to bonuses for constant activity on the official 1win website. As mentioned earlier, our bonus policy is aimed at regular users. We value and appreciate every player, so we are interested in ensuring that you are always in a good mood.

Bonus for regular 1vin customers can be divided into the following categories:

  • Cashback;
  • Leaderboard;
  • Drops&Wins.

Now let’s analyze each of the listed no-deposit casino bonuses.

How to get cashback 1win bk

We have already noted that the casino game is full of ups and downs. One of our most important tasks is to soften the fall and help to fly up again. Cashback, which returns part of the lost amount to players, is a great help in this difficult task. His percentage can sometimes reach 30, which, let’s face it, is a very good indicator.

How the percentage of cashback is calculated in 1win casino

Cashback Amount of bets for the week Maximum cashback amount
1% from $1300 $40
2% from $4000 $50
3% from $6500 $65
4% from $10,500 $100
5% from $13,000 $195
10% from $130,000 $260
20% from $250,000 $400
30% from $650,000 $650

This 1win bonus is available to all registered customers without exception. You do not have to fulfill additional conditions for wagering and cashback activation. All lost funds within the framework of the promotion are returned to the client’s balance in real money! Yes, no wagers, time limits and other pitfalls. And this 1win bonus is credited every week - the return is made every Saturday at 00:00.

1win Bonuses

Leaderboard: bonus for 1win's most active players

Now let’s talk about how to get a bonus for active play for money. The 1win leaderboard is a ranking of the most active players, in which the top 10 share the prize pool. To get into it, you need to show your activity and desire to win. For each sports bet, the player receives points that determine where you will be on the leaderboard. Points are calculated according to the following system: the amount of the bet is multiplied by the coefficient of the result.

There are two types of 1vin leaderboards:

  • Daily - the results of bets made from 00:00 to 23:59 of the current day are taken into account.
  • Weekly - the results of bets that were made from Monday 00:00 to Sunday 23:59 are taken into account..

Also, each 1win Leaderboard is divided into 3 tables that depend on the amount of bets: bronze, silver, gold. Bets up to UAH 1,100 are sent to the bronze table, from UAH 1,100 to UAH 3,600 to the silver table, and from UAH 3,600 to the gold table.

It is important to note that the leaderboard takes into account only those bets whose coefficient is higher than 1.6. It is also worth saying that one player can take only one prize, even if he takes prize places in several ratings. In this case, the player receives the biggest prize.

What is Drops&Wins at 1win Casino

Another opportunity to win a prize will be the regular Drops&Wins draw. The essence is as follows: the player makes at least one spin in the games participating in the promotion, then gets a chance to win a prize. Prizes are real money that will go to the most successful and active participants of the draw.

Just like the Leaderboard, 1win Drops&Wins is divided into two draws:

  • Daily
  • Weekly

1 win bonuses: sports betting

Let’s finish our story with the most popular and most used 1vin no deposit bonus. Bookmaker 1win gives its players the opportunity to earn an additional percentage from express bets. Each express bet, which includes 5 or more events, receives an additional percentage of the winnings. The percentage depends on how many events are included in your bid:

Number of events Bonus percentage
5 7%
6 8%
7 9%
8 10%
9 11%
10 12%
11+ 15%

Remember that this 1win bonus is only activated if one important condition is met. Accumulator must include events with a coefficient of at least 1.3! We recommend that you check the already generated coupon before confirming the bet in order not to miss the benefit. At the same time, the 1win bonus up to 15% is calculated from the net profit of the bettor from the won express.

Bonus for installing 1win mobile app

1win offers each client a bonus for installing a mobile application on their phone or tablet based on Android or iOS. In addition, the application can be downloaded and installed on a computer with a Windows operating system.

Moreover, for installing a mobile application, users receive a 1win no deposit bonus. Immediately after authorization or registration and entering the personal account, a bonus in the amount of 2000 hryvnia will be credited to the user’s bonus account.

1win Bonuses

1win bonus for installing the application can be wagered by betting on sports. However, there are additional conditions. You can make two types of bets under certain conditions:

  • ordinary rates.
  • express rates.

In both cases, you can bet only on events with a coefficient of at least 3.0. Then, in case of winning, the player will receive 5% of the bet amount from the bonus account. That is, if you have invested a bet in the amount of 1000 hryvnia, then in case of success, 50 hryvnia from the bonus account will be transferred to your real account.

Please note that after installing the mobile application, it is not necessary to place bets through the application. If it is more convenient for you to use the site on a computer, you can safely conclude transactions that way. Also, the 1win bonus can be used both in the application and on the computer.

1win coins program

In order to show its loyalty to customers, 1win launched the 1win coins loyalty program. Under this program, each player is guaranteed to receive a reward in the form of “1win coins” points for each game in slots in the online casino section, as well as for sports betting.

Currently, the promotion lasts until January 23, 2026, so everyone can safely register at the 1win online casino and play and receive 1win coins every time. When the minimum required amount of 1win coins is collected on the player’s balance, they can be exchanged for real money according to the exchange rate indicated on the 1 vin website.

It should be noted that for each currency the minimum amount of 1win coins and the exchange rate may be different. More details about the conditions of the promotion and the exchange rate can be found in the “Rules” section. In addition, it is worth knowing that 1win coins are not awarded for playing in Live-casino and electronic roulette and Blackjack. Also, coins will not be credited if the sports bet has been sold or the funds have been returned.

1win coins

1win online casino no deposit bonuses

If you thought that this generosity parade has exhausted itself, then you are mistaken! At 1win online casino, bonuses do not end even when all the promotions described above have been activated. Right now on the platform website, you can get extra cash without any deposit. Here is the full list of available no deposit bonuses:

  • Vkontakte bonus - subscribe to the official online casino group in this social network to get 100 1win coins. This virtual currency will be useful to you in the future, because it can be exchanged for real money. The exchange rate depends on the client’s activity within the current loyalty program.
  • 1win vouchers - in the Telegram channel and on partner websites, the client can receive a unique promotional code. It can be activated at the time of registration or in your account on the platform website. The promo code allows you to get a profitable 1win deposit bonus or extra money!
  • Subscription bonus - activate browser notifications on the online casino website to instantly receive 1000 RUB to your bonus account. Use this money to achieve new goals!
  • Daily lottery - registered customers can receive money in a virtual lottery for free. On the 1win online casino site, the bonus is activated in the “Free Money!” section. once a day.

And we remind you that you can find out about the most profitable 1win online casino bonuses in the Promotions and Bonuses section. There you will find unique offers from providers with timed tournaments and the biggest jackpots. Also, the platform regularly holds themed holidays, which are accompanied by unusual prize draws.


What are the bonuses at the 1win bookmaker?

The 1win bookmaker has many interesting bonuses that are suitable for both new users and regular customers. The player receives the first bonus immediately after registration and the first four deposits. Then, every week, the player has the opportunity to withdraw cashback from lost bets. In addition, there are also many interesting tournaments and rankings, the best players of which receive gifts and 1win bonuses.

What is the bonus for registering at the 1win bookmaker?

Although the bonus is called "For registration", the player receives it after making a deposit. 1he deposit bonus is gift money to the player's bonus account. The total percentage of bonus money is 500, and it is divided into four payments: 1st 200%; 2nd 150%; 3rd 100% and 4th 50%.

How to win 1win deposit bonus?

You can play the 1win deposit bonus in two ways: by betting on sports and playing casino games. In the case of bets, you need to make bets with a coefficient higher than 3, then 5% of the amount goes to the main account. If we are talking about online games, then you need to lose a certain amount per day and get a percentage on your account. The percentage depends on the amount of the loss. You can find information about this a little higher in the article about 1vin bonuses.

How can I withdraw 1win cashback?

1win cashback is credited to the player every Saturday at 00:00. Its percentage depends on how much you lost last week. A little above you can find a table with information about cashback and how to calculate its amount.