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1win bookmaker is a portal with a huge range of entertainment, which may have technical problems. Our webmasters will fix these errors as soon as possible. However, sometimes there are problems that affect only one individual account. Given that more than a million users are registered on the 1win site, it is almost impossible to detect them without the help of the user himself.

That’s why there is a support service, with the help of which we learn about all problems and eliminate them. In addition, players have questions about using the portal, the answers to which are best learned firsthand. In this article, we will talk about how to contact the 1win support service and what questions are most often of interest to users.

1win support

Contact method Support contact
Phone number (Russia) +8 (800) 301-77-89
Phone number (international) +7 (495) 088-88-99
Chat bot Telegram bot

How to contact the support service of 1win BK

There are several ways to contact the 1win BK support service, and now we will analyze each of them. But first, let’s list them:

  • phone call;
  • letter to e-mail;
  • online chat on the 1win site;
  • telegram bot

1win support service: phone number

The easiest and most affordable way to contact the support service is a phone call. 1 win operators work 24/7, so at any time of the day you will receive an answer to any question that interests you. It is also worth noting that a call to the support service will cost you nothing.

  • +8 (800) 301-77-89 - calls from Russia;
  • +7 (495) 088-88-99 - international calls.

E-mail of the 1vin BC support service

Email is not the easiest and fastest way to communicate, but it has its advantages. In the e-mail, you can describe the problem in detail, attaching screenshots or other materials that will be useful in solving tasks. 1 win support service operators will contact you within an hour, and in case of additional questions, contact them.

1win support email address:

Chat on 1win official site

Online chat on the site can be considered the fastest way to contact the support service operator. For this, you do not even need to leave the official site or the 1win mirror, because the chat can be started on any page of the portal. The 1vin support icon is in the lower right corner. By clicking on it, you send a request to the operator, who will contact you within a minute.

Link to telegram bot 1vin support service

You can also start a chat with a Telegram bot that will answer all your frequently asked questions. The bot will not be able to solve technical problems or malfunctions of the portal, so this method is more suitable for clarifying information. If you have technical problems, you should choose another method of communication.

1win support service in Telegram

What questions most often concern users of 1win mirrors

Most often, users of 1vin BC contact the support service in order to find out information about the portal, and not to solve technical problems. Among all the questions, we can single out the following:

  • How to complete 1win login to a personal account?;
  • How to top up the account on the official website?;
  • How can you get a bonus for registering 1vin BC?
  • How to conclude the money won?;
  • How to get verified for withdrawal?

The 1win telegram bot will be able to give you the answer to each of the listed questions. You can also find out the answer by reading the rules in the section of the same name on our website. It describes in detail the rules for using the bookmaker’s website and the conditions to which the player agrees by opening the 1win mirror.

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