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Sooner or later, most portal users want to try their betting skills. However, there are also those who started their path of gambling with this type of entertainment. In any case, both newcomers and experienced portal guests note the advantages of our club. And all thanks to the fact that the necessary data has been collected not only for making bets, but also for them to win. And 1win statistics demonstrate this in the best way!

1WIN stats

1win statistics: features of the best platform for betting

1win is a modern online casino that really puts user comfort first. Therefore, specially created sections will help customers to find their way. And one of the most interesting and important sections is the statistics of sports competitions. Anyone willing to dive into the sports betting industry can analyze data and take risks.

Why choose 1win bk for sports betting?

The official site has introduced many features, bonus programs and sections that will make the process even more enjoyable. That is why the resource is popular and is visited by thousands of users every day. But we offer to consider in more detail why guests choose Van Win in order to make bets on sports.

Why bettors choose the 1vin portal:

  • The commission is on average 6-7%;
  • A large number of sports disciplines;
  • A reliable platform, thanks to the Curacao license;
  • Volume of information for analysis;
  • Quick withdrawal;
  • 24/7 customer support;
  • Section "Statistics".

Thanks to these and other parameters, new members are constantly joining the portal. In addition, there are many more advantages that make the betting office competitive.

1vin statistics: consider what it is and why it is needed

Statistics is a section that is the real heart of the betting platform. This is a library of knowledge and competitions that took place many years ago. In this section you can find a lot of data to help you make winning sports bets. That is, they bring money to those who make them on the resource. In fact, many fans sometimes come to the idea that they could make a profit from their passion.

In this way, you can combine the useful and the pleasant, namely: rooting for your favorite and earning from his victory. But what to do when there is a desire to make a passive income from it or the teams participating in the match are unknown? This is where the statistics of sports competitions come to the rescue. With its help, you can find evidence about players and past events. Usually this data is enough to predict a potential winner or how the game will play out.

In any case, both professional bettors and beginners will significantly increase their chances of winning if they check the official statistics. This is what this section was created for.

1win bookmaker - an impressive list of sports disciplines

Finding the section is quite simple, as it is located in the header of the site and on the main page. If you go to it, a huge list of sports disciplines appears in front of the platform user. And a lot of useful information has been collected about all of them. By the way, in the catalog you can find data about a football event that took place in Europe back in 1960. All this painstaking work, which was only for the comfort of our customers.

Let's consider the sports disciplines that you can read about on the website online:

  • Football;
  • Volleyball;
  • Basketball;
  • American football;
  • Baseball;
  • Handball;
  • Tennis;
  • Rally.

Actually, you can find much more of them on the platform. At the moment, there are more than 35 sports disciplines in the library. Moreover, in addition to the more classic ones, there are those that take place on vehicles. They are also very popular. Among them: races on cars, motorcycles, bicycles.

In such an assortment, you can find not only your usual favorite sports, but also find your new inspiration!

Statistics 1in - how to use the section?

First of all, we recommend beginners to familiarize themselves with the section in more detail. Because it will help you navigate and search for what you need faster. In fact, the large section is divided into categories, and there is also a classic search, where you just need to kill the name of the event or team. But we still suggest considering how to better use the statistics on the resource.

In order to effectively use the section, it is necessary:

  • Log in to your account first;
  • Use a work mirror if necessary;
  • In the header of the site, find the "Statistics" section and go to it;
  • Find the sport you want to bet on;
  • Choose a country from among all presented;
  • It is also possible that you will need to select a sporting event first;
  • Choose an event and consider the data that has opened before you.

For a beginner bettor, the main page will be enough to make the first minimum bet. Thus, increase the chances to win real funds. But in order to develop skills and become professionals in this industry, it is better to gradually learn more and more parameters. It should also be noted that some stages may differ if the disciplines are significantly different. For example, a different filtering or page name is used.

1 win bookmaker – overview of statistics categories

Thanks to sorting, when you go to the selected event (for example, a tournament or league), a page with all the data about it opens. On the first page, the user will find general information about the event. That is, the participating countries and teams; their journey from the quarterfinals to the finals; winners and more. Although, in order to make it more convenient, even here there are separate categories.

Let's consider them in more detail. What categories can be found:

  • General;
  • Calendar;
  • Tournament tables;
  • Command;
  • Judges;
  • Stadiums and venues;
  • Face-to-face meetings of teams or players;
  • Archive.

Each category contains as much information as possible to help you. For example, in the "Teams" section there is a list of participating countries, names of players, coaches, results, etc. It is suggested to find out data about past matches, as well as to find out when the next ones will take place.

Also not essential, but sections may change, depending on the type of sports competition. In some tournaments, for example, in tennis, the amount of the prize fund is even indicated.

The information is disclosed in a fairly accessible language so that you don't waste time and start betting faster. Be sure to analyze the finals of matches, tournaments, team composition, etc. All this only brings the victory closer.

Mirror 1-win and registration

Having understood how statistics are arranged, you want to test your new knowledge in practice. It's real! But you need to go to the site or work mirror, and then register. This should be done immediately for two reasons.

First, only the registered member gets access to exclusive offers (promotions for bettors, bonuses). Secondly, only in this case it is possible to play for money and win.

Also note that it is possible to use a mobile phone for registration. In this case, it is suggested to join the portal through the mobile version of the site. In addition, it is possible to download 1win application on a smartphone. You can find the file for installation on the official website. Just select the logo of the desired operating system.


Why do you need 1 win statistics on the website?

First of all, 1vin statistics is a large amount of information about tournaments, sports teams and more. Anyone can visit it to find the data they need and analyze it. After that, it is suggested to make a personal conclusion and risk making a bet on sports. This allows you to increase your chances and win real money.

Where are 1 win statistics on the official website?

On the 1vin website, the statistics are in the header (at the very top of the page). Click on the title of the section to go to the specified page. After that, choose the sport discipline or event you need. Carefully study the information and guess the potential winner of the event. All important testimonies are published online.

Are 1-win stats available through the work mirror?

So, if there is a need to use the platform through a mirror, the visitor will not feel the difference. Since the same 1 vin statistics are also published there. The mirror is a full copy of the official website. Therefore, there are all sections, withdrawals, statistics and much more.

Can I use a smartphone to switch to 1Win statistics?

Yes, you can go to 1vin statistics using a mobile phone. To do this, you can simply go to the mobile version of the site or install the application. The application can be downloaded and installed on the portal website by clicking on the OS logo. It is designed for Android, IOS and Windows operating systems.