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Scratch cards in casino 1win

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Scratch cards in the casino 1win

One of the most popular types of instant lotteries is scratch cards. You may be surprised, but you can play scratch cards for money online. This is exactly what we offer to all those who visited this page of 1win casino online. Here you will find about 250 different instant scratch lotteries that you can play online. Choose the best scratch cards and earn real money playing exciting gambling games!

And for those who do not know what scratch cards are and how to play them, we have prepared an article in which we have explained all this. Along with this, you will find out which online scratch lotteries are available in online casino 1win and which of them are the most popular.

What are scratch cards online and how to play them on the 1win casino website?

Scratch card is a quick lottery that is a card with a protective coating. When you wipe off this coating, you will see the images or numbers that are hidden under the protective film. On the same card there is a list of winning combinations that form pictures and numbers. The game algorithm is roughly as follows:

  • you buy a scratch card;
  • erase the protective film with a coin;
  • check your combination with the winning one;
  • receive winnings in the lottery box office.

Scratch cards online are almost no different from classic ones, but they have their own characteristics. It is clear that there is no need to erase the protective film with a coin or a fingernail - it is all done with the mouse cursor or your finger if you are playing from a mobile phone. Another feature is the bright animation that is characteristic of online casino games. And the most important difference is the speed of winning. After you have won, you do not need to go to the lottery cashier - the winnings are calculated automatically.

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he secret of success: how did scratch cards for money appear in the first place?

Scratch cards appeared in the middle of the last century. The players of that time were tired of waiting for weeks for the lottery draw, so a new gambling entertainment was invented. Scratch cards caused a real sensation among the residents of America, so the next edition was several times larger. It is difficult to say what caused such a desire to play scratch cards: the game process or its speed. One way or another, quick lotteries have gained considerable popularity, which does not fade even today.

Scratch cards online in casino 1vin: assortment of fast online lotteries

As we have already said, there are about 250 scratch cards in 1win casino. All of them are very diverse and not similar to each other. However, all the same, lotteries have similar themes, among which we will note:

  • Egyptian treasures;
  • magic;
  • New Year lotteries;
  • Las Vegas casino;
  • cartoons;
  • pirates and adventures.

It may seem that it is very difficult to choose one scratch card, since the choice is quite large. This is not true at all. First, you can play in demo mode, choosing the lottery you like. Secondly, playing scratch cards online is very fast and you can choose another game at any time. Fortunately, there are quite a few of them on the 1win casino website, so you will definitely like at least one of them!

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The most popular scratch cards in the online casino 1vin

Choosing the best scratch cards for money is a very thankless task. There are as many people as there are opinions, so each player’s best games will be different. Understanding this, we decided not to invent anything and simply introduce you to the list of the most popular scratch lotteries online at 1win casino:

  • MEGA;
  • The Everlasting;
  • Planets;
  • Diamonds;
  • Money Well.

After reading all this, you are fully prepared to play 1win casino scratch cards. We wish you unforgettable emotions and great victories!

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How to play scratch cards for real money?

Playing scratch cards is very simple: you need to buy a lottery card and erase the protective field with a coin or a fingernail. The scratch card shows all the winning combinations with which you need to compare the image under the protective field. After finding a winning combination, you need to go to the lottery cashier and show your scratch card. All that remains is to collect your winnings.

How do online scratch cards at the 1vin casino differ from traditional lotteries?

Online scratch cards are almost no different from traditional ones, however, they have their own characteristics. First, this is the method of erasing the protective field: it must be done with the mouse cursor or finger in the mobile version. Secondly, the method of winning is different: 1win casino does it instantly, and you do not need to contact the lottery cashier. And most importantly, online scratch cards are much more diverse than traditional ones.

How to win the jackpot in casino 1win scratch cards?

In any category of games in the casino 1vin there is a list of entertainment in which you can win the jackpot. Scratch card for money is not an exception, so you can win the jackpot in them too. To do this, you just need to open an online game and start placing bets. It is interesting that in 1vin casino you can win the jackpot even if you made a minimum bet.

Is it possible to play sketch cards for free in 1win casino?

Like most all other fast money games in 1 win casino, scratch cards have a demo mode. This allows you to test them before playing for real money. Moreover, even non-registered players can play scratch cards for free. However, this mode will not bring you any profit - only those who play for real money will win!