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The lottery is one of the oldest forms of gambling that is played all over the world. They say that playing the lottery started back in the Roman Empire, when Octavian Augustus came up with an entertainment for many people to play at the same time. The players pulled out boards with the names «apophoret», which in translation means gifts. Although this game has a lot in common with the lottery, it cannot be called a classic lottery.

For the first time, the name «Lottery» sounded in Belgium, when the widow of the famous artist Jan Van Eyck organized a gambling game, the proceeds of which went to help the poor and homeless. Thanks to the lottery, she wanted to inscribe and perpetuate her husband’s name. Since then, lotteries have become very widespread throughout Europe, and even state bodies have started organizing lotteries. Thus, the lottery became the most popular game for money at that time and is still popular all over the world.

1win lottery

How to play the lottery online? - Rules of the game

The advent of the Internet gave lotteries a new lease of life and spread online lotteries to a larger audience. Now there are many varieties of playing the lottery online, which differ from each other in the rules and conditions of the game. Popular types and rules of playing the lottery:

  • 1win Keno Lottery. One of the most famous types of such entertainment is the keno lottery. It appeared in the 19th century and very quickly became one of the most popular lotteries for money. The rules of the keno lottery game are quite simple: the player receives a lottery ticket, chooses from 10 to 20 numbers and waits for the draw. During the drawing, the presenter takes out 20 balls with winning numbers from the lottery machine, and the players compare the combination with their ticket.
  • 1win Lottery Bingo. The bingo lottery appeared much earlier than keno, which is why it is a more iconic game. The rules of the bingo lottery game are also quite simple, but the game process is very exciting. Players receive several cards with numbers on them. The presenter takes out one number from the lottotron, and the players mark them on their cards. The winner is the player who first collects a full card and loudly says: «Bingo».
  • 1win Scratch cards. A relatively new type of lottery that appeared at the end of the last century. The advantages of this type of lottery can be considered speed and simplicity. The player buys a scratch card, on which he must erase the protective field and compare his combination with the winning one. Playing the 1win Sketch lottery is quite simple, but no less exciting, since a not very expensive card can bring big winnings.

How do lottery draws work at 1win casino?

The rules for playing the Keno lottery and other types are quite simple and are known to almost all registered 1win clients. Draws for lottery tickets on the official website are held daily, and for some lotteries several times during the day.

For example, the Keno lottery draw is held almost every 5 minutes, and there is always a commission that monitors compliance with the rules and regulations. This attracts many people who want to try their luck.
The actual drawing process does not take more than 5-10 minutes. The circulation commission selects a lottery machine and a set of balls, which are mixed in a drum and begin to fall out one at a time from a special compartment. There are 20 winning balls in total. Their numbers are displayed on the screen.

To increase the chances of winning, a player can buy not one ticket, but several. The results of the drawing must be compared with the numbers that you crossed out on the ticket. Maybe he’s a winner.
Thanks to this lottery, almost every week there is one more millionaire on Earth. Perhaps you will be next week.

The Keno lottery draw is somewhat different from Bingo, but also so exciting. Traditionally, 75 balls are used in the Bingo game. Bingo tickets consist of numbers, and if there is one on your ticket, it will be crossed out. The winner is the one with all the numbers on the ticket crossed out.
And so, the lottery is an unpredictable event. And this is its highlight! But to win the jackpot in the drawing, you need to become a client of an online casino.

Registration on the 1win website with a bonus

To gain access to the Keno and other lotteries, the user needs to register and receive a welcome bonus for this. Newcomers can receive a no-deposit bonus and a 500% deposit bonus from the administration as a gift.

No-deposit rewards are presented in the form of free spins in slots and funds in the bonus account, and the player does not need to make a deposit. But to receive a deposit bonus, you just need to top up your gaming account with a certain amount. Well, you must agree that a 500% bonus for the first 4 deposits is a generous gift from the administration. In total, the player can receive 200 thousand rubles and spend it at his own discretion, including playing lotteries.

Now all that remains is to buy tickets and wait for the draw. To become a lottery winner, you can perform a ritual or use various strategies, but this will not affect the random number generator. Therefore, manage your budget wisely, and luck will definitely smile on you!

Online lotteries in 1win casino

All listed lotteries exist in Internet versions, and you can find them on 1win online casino site. Here you will find both the most famous online lotteries and new thematic lotteries for money. A wide selection of online lotteries in the 1win casino will definitely surprise everyone. Do not believe? Come in and choose the best online lotteries in Ukraine!
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What are the online lotteries in the 1win casino?

There are many lotteries in the 1win casino, but three of the most popular types can be distinguished: keno, bingo, scratch cards. It should also be remembered that the online lottery can be played in two modes: quick game and live game. Of course, online casino 1win both modes. The total number of all types of lotteries on our website is more than 400 varieties. Everyone will find something for themselves!

How to play the keno lottery on the 1win casino website?

The keno lottery on the 1 win website can be of two types: a quick game and a game with a real dealer. The rules of the game remain the same, only the game process is different. In quick mode, after choosing 20 numbers, you will know the result almost immediately. In the live game, you have to wait for the host to get all 20 balls. Only after that you will be able to find out the result of the game.

What is the difference between bingo and lotto?

The bingo lottery differs from lotto only in that the presenter does not take balls from a bag, but from a lottotron. And at the end of the game, the winner must stand up and loudly shout "Bingo", thereby ending the game. There is also a slight difference in that in the bingo lottery the numbers are written on balls, and in the lotto - on tubs.

What makes the state lottery different from all others?

The state lottery takes place on Sunday, and the drawing takes place only at its end. That is, its result can be waited until Sunday, which, let's face it, is a very long time for gambling. The online casino lottery, on the other hand, differs in its speed: the draw lasts from a few seconds to a few minutes.