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Bookmaker 1win always offers its new and regular customers interesting bonuses on very loyal terms. Thanks to such bonuses, players can win significantly more using bonus funds or even only their own funds. Depending on which bonus they decided to receive.

In general, bonus programs provided by 1win official site can be divided into two large groups:

  1. Bonus money that can be used to make bets on sports;
  2. Bonuses in the form of real money for express bets on sports.

Both groups have their advantages, so let’s take a closer look at each of them.

1win Casino Bonuses

Sports bonuses in the form of bonus money

This group includes two bonus programs on the 1win website:

  • Welcome bonuses for newcomers;
  • BC bonus for regular customers.

Under both programs, players receive bonus money, which is credited to a separate bonus account. In addition, the received bonus money is provided under certain conditions: it must be played, and it is valid only for a certain period of time.

Welcome bonus on the 1win website

It is intended exclusively for beginners, so only those who register for the first time on the 1win BC website can get it. According to the terms of this bonus program, after registration, when replenishing the personal account, players can additionally receive an amount 5 times greater than the amount of their deposit. So we can say that this is also a BC deposit bonus.

For example, if the player replenishes the account for 1 win in the amount of 1000 hryvnias, he will receive another 5 thousand bonus hryvnias to the bonus account. Thus, in total, the player will have 6,000 hryvnias, which he can freely use to place bets on sports.

Bonus rules:

  1. The minimum deposit amount to receive a bonus at 1vin is 200 hryvnias;
  2. The maximum deposit amount is UAH 8,800. If the player replenishes the account with a larger amount, for example, by 10 thousand UAH, he will still receive a bonus in the amount of 8800 UAH. That is, the amount of bonus funds under this program cannot exceed 44,000 hryvnias.
  3. This bonus from BC 1win can be used for bets not only on sports, but also in online casinos.
  4. When betting on sports with the help of bonus funds, you can choose only events with a coefficient of 3 and higher. At the same time, it is possible to bet on any sports events using your own, real money.

This 1win casino bonus is issued for exactly one week. If you do not withdraw the received money within this time, then the bonus funds are burned. The won money remains in the personal account.

Bonus money for 1 vin is played as follows: for each successful bet, the player is credited with 5% of the bet amount from the bonus account to the main one. That is, if you made a bet for 1 hryvnia and it won, the system will automatically transfer 50 hryvnias (5%) from your bonus account to your real one.

Bonus casino 1win

Bonus for regular 1win customers

Those who have already registered on the site for a long time are not left behind and also have the opportunity to receive a 1win bonus for sports on various programs. Among the largest, we can highlight:

  • No-deposit bonus for sports using promotional codes or promotions - on the 1win BC website, you can always get no-deposit bonuses, which can often be used only for placing bets on sports. That is why betting fans value this institution very much. You can get a 1win promo code for a BC no-deposit bonus for being active on social networks. It is there that the 1win company regularly publishes various promotional codes, which can be used to receive bonuses under various conditions. Also, sometimes the company conducts promotions on the official website, for which you can also receive bonus money. Therefore, carefully follow the “Promotions and bonuses” section.

  • Sports bonus for installing the mobile application - this bonus, in the amount of 4,000 hryvnias, can be received by both existing customers of the company and newcomers. At the same time, for beginners, the bookmaker actually provides a bonus when registering without a deposit Ukraine. After all, you can register in the mobile application if you haven’t done it before. Moreover, by registering through the 1win mobile application for Android or iOS, players have the opportunity to receive a welcome bonus in addition to the installation bonus. Therefore, we advise all beginners to take advantage of this offer.

The above bonus offers may change over time, so we advise you to check the available offers on the official 1win website.

Bonus casino 1win

Bonus for express bets on sports

This bonus program is for those who really love risk and are very good at navigating their favorite sport. In addition, the betting bonus is credited immediately as real money to the personal account. So there is no need to play anything and they will not go anywhere after a certain period of time. Because these are not gifts, they are money received for increased risk.

According to the conditions, players who make express bets on at least 5 events with a coefficient of 1.3 can receive a 1win sports bonus according to the following scale:

  • 7% of the winning amount for 5 events;
  • 8% for 6 events;
  • 9% for 7 events;
  • 10% for 8 events;
  • 11% for 9 events;
  • 12% for 10 events;
  • 15% for 11 or more events.

Of course, in order to get money, it is not enough to do only 5 events, you also need to win all of them. In this case, for a correct prediction on all events, the 1win bookmaker will charge the player an additional amount.

For greater clarity, let’s calculate the player’s potential winnings at 1win. For example, a player made an express of 8 events, each of which has a coefficient of 1.3. In this case, the total coefficient will be 10.4. That is, if the player placed a total of 1000 hryvnias on this express, his winnings will be 10400 hryvnias, of which 9400 hryvnias are the amount of the winnings.

Since there are 8 events in the express, according to the conditions, the player additionally receives a bonus of 10% of the winning amount. That is, 940 hryvnias. So the total winnings in this case will be 11,340 hryvnias instead of 10,400 hryvnias.

Currently, the above 1win bonuses that can be used to place bets on sports are all available casino offers. However, as already mentioned above, the offers are constantly updated. For example, there are new promotions devoted to the World Cup, or for the New Year, etc.

They can be better or in some way worse than the previous ones. However, one thing remains constant - the 1win sports bonus is always there. So visit the official site, register and get even more with 1-win!


Who can get the 1win sports bonus?

All registered players can get 1win sports bonus. However, it is worth considering that the company follows the principles of fair play. Therefore, only persons who have reached the age of 18 can bet on real money or even on bonus funds. If you have less, then you should not go to the site.

What 1win sports bonus can you get on the site?

In BC, you can get a 1win sports bonus in the form of real money by placing bets on an express of 5 events. And also bonuses in the form of bonus funds, using which you can make bets on sports. In addition, bonus money can be used to play in an online casino on the 1vin website.

Is it possible to get a 1win sports bonus all the time?

Yes, you can. The 1win bookmaker constantly offers its customers a variety of bonus programs that allow you to get a bonus on 1win sports. Currently, for express bets, players can receive a bonus for each winning express. In addition, the company constantly provides promotional codes that allow you to regularly receive no-deposit bonuses that will allow you to win even more.

How long can you use the 1win sports bonus?

Depending on the bonus program, the 1win sports bonus can be used for different periods of time. In addition, it is worth noting that bonuses received under different programs do not add up. So you can use only one program of your choice, under which you can receive bonus funds. This does not apply to the bonus on express bets. Therefore, you can make express bets as many times as you want and receive additional money for the entire period of time, while this program is active.
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