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Aviatrix online slot 1win

Aviatrix online slot 1win

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Today, the virtual game Aviatrix is one of the most popular and newest developments in the world of gambling, which 1win casino offers its customers. The uniqueness of the entertainment lies in the fact that it is ready to please fans of gambling adventures with advanced functionality, the use of NFT, built-in modernized chips. The implementation of the blockchain system opens up a new range of opportunities and additional benefits to players. At the same time, innovative developments do not hinder beginners during the gameplay, even if they do not know much about the topic. And the simplicity of the interface and the high probability of winning only increase the interest in the original crash game Aviatrix 1 win.

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Basic Game Information

Aviatrix is a new unique crash game that hit the gambling market in 2022. The game software is developed by the Aviatrix company, which signed an official agreement with the 1win gambling club. The developer took as a basis entertainment that has a crash format. It is this content that has a non-standard mechanic that does not limit players to spinning the reels and fixed payouts after falling symbol combinations. A player’s financial results can be dramatically different because they have the unique ability to control their payouts.

Aviatrix 1 win limits apply only to the duration of one game session. But at the same time, participants have the right to stop the game and withdraw funds at any moment.

What players need to know about Aviatrix

1win Official Site is the platform where you can find the Aviatrix game. It is very easy to get used to the rules of the game, especially for those who are familiar with such analogues as 1win Aviator and others. The same principle is at the basis of the creation of the device. The rules are quite simple and are as follows: the player needs to make a bet before the round starts. After that, the plane will take off into the sky. All that remains is to withdraw money from the game before the aircraft leaves the game area. The longer the flight of the airplane, the higher the value of the coefficients.

Players are given the opportunity to increase the initial bet by 2.10 or more. But at the same time, one should not forget about the increased risk, since the plane can explode at any time. The outcome of each round in the Aviatrix casino game depends on the Provably Fair that generates it.

Throughout the gameplay in 1win Aviatrix, gamers may notice other smaller planes on the left side of the screen. This idea of the developer is the unique highlight of the device for real money. which distinguishes it from standard crash games. With its help, players can upgrade the liner model at their own discretion. Also, in the game you can win not only money in case of victory, but also special points. The points are further used in the loyalty program. And the most active participants will be able to receive special privileges.

Aviatrix bet on 1win

Advantages of Aviatrix Casino Game

Before you start playing Aviatrix games, you should familiarize yourself with the distinctive features of the device.

The following are among the advantages of the latter:

  • Ability to receive Aviatrix NFT without depositing funds;
  • Payments are calculated based on the player’s activity and the perfection of his skills;
  • Modernized retention mechanics;
  • You can get cashback and other reward options every day;
  • Improved functionality and graphics;
  • The possibility of exiting the game at the start of the round - the user will not need to specify the value of the coefficient before the start of the game session.

Some gamers download the Aviatrix demo to familiarize themselves with the new product. The game mode will allow you to learn all the intricacies of the gameplay, but will give you real pleasure, since the game is played on virtual credits.

Aviatrix 1win game design

To increase the chances of winning, players should not only carefully study the rules of the 1win game, but also familiarize themselves with the interface of the device.

The window is divided into several zones:

  • The central place is the main one, because this is where the main gameplay takes place. In this field, users will be able to observe the flight of the aircraft and the growth of the coefficient values. And in the upper left area of the window are the designs of other game participants;
  • In the lower area there is a control panel where gamers can deposit money into the account and withdraw their winnings. Using the lower Aviatrix keys, players start a round, specify the bet amount and the withdrawal amount;
  • In the upper area there is useful information with statistical data. Here players can find out what the maximum values of the odds were in the previous rounds. Statistics allows you to analyze multipliers and the frequency of occurrence of certain values;
  • In the right panel there is information about bets in the game Aviatrix 1win. Here, players can also view personal betting data and a list of the best gamers;
  • In the upper right area there is a button with three stripes, which indicates the performance characteristics. With its help, you can go to settings, download detailed instructions and check random generation.

Also at the top is information about the player’s current balance. If necessary, players will be able to turn off the sound or make it louder. Special attention should be drawn to the icon with the name «Build», which is located in the upper left corner. Its activation allows players to automatically participate in the loyalty program of the online casino.

The game aviatrix on 1win

1win loyalty program

Interest in the game Aviatrix online fuels the opportunity to participate in the accumulation program 1win coins. It is not necessary to create an NFT to enter the game. You can simply place your bets and withdraw money until the plane explodes. But the maximum benefit can be obtained only if the blockchain system is activated. Immediately after that, after each placed bet, special points are accumulated on the account, which can be used in the future to participate in tournaments. Participation in such a program on the 1win casino website will allow you to add variety to the gameplay. The most active players will receive rewards for excellent results.


What are the rules of Aviatrix game?

The rules of playing Aviatrix online are quite simple. First, you need to specify the bet amount in the lower control panel. To confirm the application, you should activate the «Submit» key. Then it remains to wait for the beginning of the game session and at the right moment to stop the plane. The main thing is to have time to do it before the explosion, so that the money does not burn.

Which Aviatrix 1win game modes are available on the site?

On the official website of the online casino, 2 Aviatrix game modes are available: manual and automatic. When choosing the second bet will be made automatically. It is only necessary to indicate their size and write the value of the coefficient at which the game will stop. Players can also place double bets to increase their chances of winning.

What options does the Aviatrix game have?

The 1win Aviatrix crash game has the highest return rate of 97%. Gamers have the opportunity to choose one of two operating modes: manual and automatic. Players are also encouraged to make one or two bets at the same time. And by participating in the loyalty program, players will participate in regular tournaments that increase the chances of winning.

What strategies can be used to win Aviatrix Casino?

To play Aviatrix and win, you should follow one of the suggested strategies: minimal risks, medium risks, high chances of winning, Margintail and D'Alembert. But none of the proposed tactics guarantees 100% victory. Therefore, you should not immediately invest all your money in the game or try to win back in case of loss.
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