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Black Horse β€” horse racing for money at 1win

Black Horse β€” horse racing for money at 1win

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If horse racing is your favorite sport, if you want to feel like a cowboy at heart again, Black Horse slot is exactly the slot that will give you both racing and money.

In the modern world, horse racing has turned from the most exciting sport into a relic of the Wild West. But it was in online games that they found a new life. Black Horse, the latest development from popular slot machine manufacturer Wazdan, takes its inspiration from the world of horse racing.

Return to the Wild West with Black Horse in search of treasure. Can you awaken your inner cowboy by harnessing the wild mustangs? Let’s believe fans of the slot on 1win site - that this game will be an exciting adventure. So let’s put on boots with spurs and a helmet, harness the horses, your Black Horse is already waiting!

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Black Horse slot β€” general information

Black Horse is a three-reel, five-payline online slot that at first glance appears to be a traditional three-reel slot machine. How does the slot from Wazdan differ from most online games presented in 1win casino. In fact, it has many modern features and bonuses that add excitement and winning potential to players.

Besides the usual fruit and bar symbols, the aesthetics of this game include a black horse, horseshoe, coins and cactus, which serve to significantly increase the bet. Sunset sets the scene for the reels, set against a Wild West backdrop. As the sun sets, three additional Black Horses gallop into the distance.

The lack of background music is one of the things to like about Black Horse. those who do not want to turn off the game sound to listen to music from other sources.

1win Black Horse slot

Features of Black Horse, full of exotic coins

As you play Black Horse, gold coins may appear on the reels. The coin bonus is activated when the player collects nine coins. To win instant 1win bonuses during the bonus game at Black Horse slot, the player must choose one of nine coins. With instant payouts ranging from 2x to 100x the initial bet, this bonus round is one of the most lucrative knowledge of professional players and regular visitors.

Winning bets on horseshoes

Everyone knows that horseshoes bring good luck. Undoubtedly, they bring good luck in the game Black Hors. Three horseshoe symbols anywhere on the reels will trigger the Horseshoe bonus, regardless of whether they form a payline or not. This is because the horseshoe symbol is a bonus scatter. Compared to other Black Horse slot bonuses, this one is much more valuable. To get a multiplier from 2 to 200 times the initial bet, you need to choose a horseshoe.

Climbing through sand dunes

The Black Horse bonus is the last feature unlocked; it is activated when three black knights appear anywhere, regardless of whether they are on a winning payline. In fact, there are two scatter bonuses in the Black Horse game. The appearance of a black horse increases players’ chances of winning by 400 times their initial bet. Remember that in order to activate the Horseshoe and Black Horse bonuses, all five lines must be activated.

1win Black Horse slot

Conditions of Black Horse bonus games

Finally, it is worth noting that at any time when a winning combination is formed, each player has the opportunity to play a game of chance on this slot machine. Winnings can be doubled - or lost, depending on the individual character of each player. The gambling round is optional, so no one is obliged to participate in it and you can keep the winnings you have already received for yourself.

Choosing the color of the hidden Black Horse slot card is an important part of the game of chance. If you guess it correctly, the money is doubled, and if not, unfortunately, all previously won funds will be lost.

Historical information on how Black Horse slot appeared

The original 1win slot machine Black Horse was a land-based casino game that was later adapted for use on the Internet. Those who enjoyed the original Black Horse can now enjoy this fantastic game from the comfort of their home. You can sit on your couch and spin the reels and earn real money thanks to this fantastic game and its additional features.

The birth of this slot from a studio based in the United States is not an accident. After all, it is from the Wild West of the United States that cowboy culture and its traditions, which formed the basis for the Black Horse graphics, come from.

In this exciting and entertaining online slot, Wazdan has taken these old school traditions and updated them with a modern twist. Try your hand at Black Horse slot if you are a fan of slot machines, cowboys, horses and racing.


Is Black Horse slot available in demo mode on 1win?

Yes, the system immediately offers you to choose one of the versions of the Black Horse slot machine: paid or free. Due to the activity of bonus games, we suggest that you first familiarize yourself with the functionality of the slot in the demo version and eventually move on to betting on real money.

Do I need to purchase bonus rounds at Black Horse?

There are bonus games in the Black Horse slot machine, and they are quite diverse. Yes, the slot offers three bonus features: gold coins, horseshoe activation and a bonus game that opens when you land 9 horses on all 5 lines. There is no need to pay extra for bonus rounds or promotions.

What is the return percentage of Black Horse slot?

The developer of the Black Horse Wazdan slot has laid out a fairly high level of RTP return, namely 96.23%. However, this figure may seem a little too low from the average of modern slot machines. But due to the bonus features, the player is still provided with many opportunities to win money.

What is the maximum win at Black Horse slot?

The maximum winnings at Black Horse can be up to 950 times the first bet. But be careful. Remember that if you agree to a bonus game, if you lose, all previous acquisitions will be lost.
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