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Mines casino game

Mines casino game

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The rules are simple, so even a user who has never played such games will understand. After the player gets to 1win site, 25 sections will open in front of him, behind which 22 stars and 3 mines are hidden. A star brings profit and profit, and a mine burns all previous results. It is necessary to move along the field with care so as not to come across a losing section. The selected section opens step by step, showing the result.

You can stop at any moment and transfer the earned money to the main account. This can be done before the next move is made. The goal of the game is to collect stars. The more of them, the better, because each of them replenishes the wallet of the «sapper», who tries to bypass all obstacles.

With each step, the multiplier increases, but hitting a mine has fatal consequences - it means defeat and the end of the game. However, it is worth remembering about the peculiarity of this entertainment — the possibility of withdrawing money before a false step. Rules and functionality in Mines are simple, all steps are intuitive.

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How to play 1win Mines?

In order to play Mines for real money, you need to create an account and make a deposit on the 1win site. To do this, you need to click on the «Registration» button, specifying your name, phone number, and e-mail address. The next step is to make a deposit by choosing one of the presented payment services. On 1win casino you can find the game you need using the search bar, specifying the name in a special line.

You can make a bet using the command panel. Before that, you need to select the number of min. The fewer the obstacles, the less chance of winning, but the prize amount increases due to increased multipliers. If you choose the minimum number of mines, then you can pass the field very easily, but the profit will be slightly less, since the multiplier is also smaller.

For one round in Mines, you can choose 1-20 min. After setting the parameters, you need to click on the «Start» button, which is highlighted in green. During the game, the same button will perform the function of withdrawing money.

Mines play at 1win

Automatic game Mines 1win

This option greatly simplifies the gameplay, since there is no need to constantly move the mouse or press buttons.

To do this, you need to activate «Autogame» and do the following:

  • Determine the size of the bet;
  • Select manually the sections that will be opened automatically;
  • Click on the button that was activated just below;
  • Press the button that will start the game.

Before each game, you need to start this mode, if there is such a need.

Winning Mines Strategies

Most games have strategies you can use to increase your chances of winning. Many players use methods that can help them win.

General recommendations:

  • Determining the budget for the game. You need to calculate the costs of bets in advance and follow the chosen strategy. Bets should not be too high, it is better to take small steps so as not to lose a large amount.
  • Control and responsibility. Some gamblers get so involved in gambling that they lose track of time and cannot stop in time. This often leads to large losses and a negative attitude towards gambling platforms. If a certain amount has been collected, it is better to withdraw it to the general balance and continue playing again. If there is no luck, it is recommended to postpone the game to another time.
  • If you want to play and not lose at all, it is recommended to place only 1 mine, play slowly and not worry about losing money.

Mines slot at 1win

Experienced Mines players use strategies with varying levels of risk. The most common tactics: Martingale and Fibonacci. Before choosing one option for yourself, it is recommended to test all existing strategies. Do not forget about the availability of various rewards. Casino Bonuses 1win is available not only to newbies, but also to existing users.

Rules for quick games:

  • There is no need to change the size of the bet until the planned number of rounds has been played;
  • It is not recommended to make chaotic bets for large amounts;
  • It is worth dividing the bankroll in such a way as to divide the bets into equal amounts;
  • The size of the bankroll should be enough for an average of 100 rounds.

Demo mode in Mines 1win

If the user decides to play 1win Mines for the first time, he needs to understand how everything works. In order to test the game and not lose your funds during the training period, a demo version was developed. This mode is ideal for beginners and experienced players who want to test a new strategy.

Where to play Mines?

There are many different sites on the Internet where you can play Mines sloty machine. Customers can go directly to 1win Mines and try the game. This gambling platform is user-rated, honest and safe. The loyalty bonus program will not only allow you to play for real money, but also to receive considerable incentives. The company operates on the basis of an international license from Curacao and is known among gamblers all over the world.

To start playing Mines 1win, you need to go through a quick registration, specifying the necessary data. After the account is created, the player receives a welcome bonus, which is a good incentive for new users. The reward is paid for the first 4 deposits.

Mines Mobile App

You can download the game on a PC or smartphone. The application can be installed on a mobile device and used at any time. There is no mobile version of the official website. It is recommended to download the application from official sources so as not to come across fraudulent programs.


The game is simple at first glance, but you can use different strategies in it, which will make it more diverse and interesting. The simple and intuitive functionality of 1win Mines does not make you strain your brain, and setting the game to auto mode will further simplify the gameplay. The game allows you to get away from everyday life and have a good time. And also, everyone can earn extra money without leaving their own home. To find out how interesting entertainment can be, you should test it!


Is it possible to make stable money on 1win Mines?

No. Like any other game, Mines 1win involves risks. No one can guarantee a win or a loss, as the game is based on a random number generator. Players can make huge profits but can lose their entire deposit.

Is there a Mines mobile app?

Yes, players can download the mobile application on their smartphone and have fun anytime in a convenient place. To start the Mines 1win game from the app, you just need to open the app and log in using your account credentials.

What strategy helps you win in Mines?

There are many strategies that can help you win in some cases. At the same time, it is impossible to say that any specific strategy is guaranteed to bring profit. Similar tactics have been developed to increase the chances of winning at 1win Mines.

What is the essence of Mines 1win?

After the user enters the 1win Mines game, he may be surprised by the overly simple design and functionality. However, the fun can be really exciting if you apply different strategies and see how each of them works. By choosing the easiest game mode, you can easily get winnings, even if they are small. Any profits bring positive emotions. If you take a risk, you can get big wins and cheer yourself up for a long time.
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