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1win Monopoly casino: live game

1win Monopoly casino: live game

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Monopoly or its analogues: “Manager”, “Businessman” and others, were played, if not by all, then most of the people on the planet. It is the most popular board game of all time in many polls. But with the rapid development of the Internet and online games, they began to forget about it. Therefore, the well-known Evolution game provider, in partnership with Hasbro, the owner of the Monopoly brand since 1935, have developed a new, incredible version of the Monopoly online game for online casino!

This online version of the 1win Casino Monopoly game is not just a virtual emulation of the game, which is already enough on the Internet. Monopoly casino is an exceptional blend of real casino and virtual reality. What’s more, from now on, playing Monopoly at 1win Bookmaker you can not only enjoy the game, And also win real money. And thanks to the multipliers, really big money. For its uniqueness and undeniable quality, Monopoly casino was named Game of the Year in 2019 by EGR and Game of the Year in 2020 by Gaming Intelligence.

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How the Monopoly casino game works on 1win

We have already noted above that Monopoly Casino is a mixture of live casino and 3D graphics, and this is true. When connecting to the game, players on the 1-win online casino site see a room in which there is:

  • A large wheel is installed vertically, divided into 54 sectors. All sectors have a different numerical value: 1, 2, 5 and 10. As well as three special sectors: “CHANCE”, “2 Rolls” and “4 Rolls”. In general, the wheel is similar and has the same principle of operation as the Wheel of Fortune.
  • The host is a live person who communicates and spins the wheel.
  • Virtual Mr. Monopoly, sitting next to him and always ready for action.

The player’s task in the Monopoly casino game is to guess the sector. If he guesses correctly, he will receive money at 1win casino. If not, he will lose his bet. In this case, you can bet on any sector. However, the most desirable sectors are 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls, because if the player bets on them, and this particular sector falls out, then the 3D bonus game with Mr. Monopoly will begin. Where thanks to the multipliers you can win a lot.

The meaning of sectors in the game Casino Monopoly

The developer, trying to make the Monopoly Casino game really interesting, gave each sector the following values:

  • Sector with the number 1 - returns the bet to the player.
  • Sectors with numbers 2, 5 and 10 are multipliers. That is, if you bet on sector 2, then if you win, you will receive twice as much. If by 10, then ten times the amount of the bet.
  • CHANCE - just like in the board game Monopoly, gives a random prize. When this sector falls out, the virtual Mr. Monopoly shows a “Chance” card, which can contain a random bonus multiplier or a cash prize. If there is a bonus multiplier on the card, all bets of the players remain in place, and the leader spins the wheel again. After that, the multiplier multiplies the new win.
  • 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls - sectors trigger the bonus game. In addition, the numbers 2 and 4 indicate the number of rolls of game dice in the bonus game. The more rolls, the more prizes the player can collect. But in order to take part in the bonus game, you need to bet on these sectors. If you bet on other sectors, and who won 1win bonuses, then you can see how the bonus game goes and how much someone will win.

With such a schedule of sectors, the Monopoly casino game turned out to be really very interesting and exciting. However, the bonus, virtual game is generally just a masterpiece.

Monopoly casino 1win

Monopoly casino bonus game

This is a full-fledged 3D virtual game of the highest quality. It is really made at the level of the most modern games, so it is interesting even just to watch what is happening in the bonus game. When the bonus game at Monopoly Casino starts, players are transported to a virtual 3D dimension with augmented reality. Mr. Monopoly walks across the square playing field familiar to everyone, where all the charms of the game are located: houses and hotels, the sector of chance, the railway and even the prison.

It should also be added that in 1win the rules of the game when throwing dice are the same as in classic monopoly. If you rolled a double, then Mr. Monopoly will pass, get prizes, and the player can roll the dice again, and thus get even more prizes.

Monopoly game casino really impresses with its quality and special effects. The only drawback can be considered perhaps a small number of languages. The virtual whiteboard is only available in English, German and Italian.


How much can you win at Monopoly casino?

In general, you can win 10,000 times your stake. But if in monetary terms, then it depends on how much the player bets on the game. The minimum bet in the Monopoly casino game is only 10 cents, the maximum is 2500 pounds. If you take into account the maximum bet amount, then the largest win is 500,000 pounds.

What is the RTP in the Monopoly Casino game?

The theoretical return rate (RTP) in the Monopoly casino game depends on what kind of bets the player makes. For example, betting on numerical values, the player can count on 96.30%. And when betting on 2 and 4 Rolls, the percentage will not exceed 91.3%. So it is possible to win really big real money here, but this does not happen very often.

Can I play Monopoly Casino on my phone?

So it is possible. Although the virtual bonus game has very high quality graphics, it is very well adapted to mobile devices, like the game itself in general. Any of the visitors of the 1 win site can freely launch the Monopoly casino game using a mobile phone or tablet.

Is it possible to play Monopoly casino for free?

No Unfortunately. Given that Monopoly casino is a Live game that takes place live, and the time between bets is only 12 seconds, the provider cannot provide players with the opportunity to play for virtual money. You can join the game and watch how everything happens, however, bets can only be made using cash.
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