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1win Plinko online slot

1win Plinko online slot

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An online version of the popular Plinko game has been around for a long time. But in online casinos, a gambling version of the game has arrived recently. But it quickly gained popularity and is in great demand. 1win bookmaker is always trying to provide its users with the best experience, so it also allows you to play this wonderful game .

The modern version of the Plinko 3D casino game offered by 1win BC is almost no different from the old version of this game and its online counterpart designed for entertainment. Because the developers first of all tried to provide users with a real Plinko game, but with additional features in order to make it more interesting.

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What is Plinko online game at 1win casino?

The online gambling version of Plinko should:

  • A triangular playing field located vertically.
  • The triangle is filled with barriers in the form of sticks arranged in several rows at a certain distance from each other.
  • At the top, an open space through which the ball is fed.
  • Bottom, under the triangle, there are 3 rows with holes.

The essence of the game in online casino is that the ball falling from above, it encounters obstacles and, starting from them, changes the direction of its movement. This happens every time until the ball reaches the bottom and falls into one of the holes. Which hole the ball falls into depends on what reward the player receives.

What is the difference between the gambling online version of the Plinko 3D and the regular game?

In order for Plinko 3D to bet and win real money on 1win, the game has been adapted as follows:

  • Instead of one row with winning holes, three rows were made: green, orange and red.
  • Added three buttons to start the game, each of which corresponds to the row on which the winnings will be credited.
  • The player has the ability to independently change the difficulty of the Plinko game. That is, he can choose how many holes will be in the game: 12, 14 or 16. The more holes, the more difficult the game, because it is more difficult for the ball to reach the extreme hole on the sides of the triangle. In addition, the profit of the player depends on the complexity of the game. The greater the number of holes, the greater the maximum win.
  • Autoplay is the ability to play automatically. When after the end of the game, it starts again on its own.
  • Ability to play plinko demo.

Also, of course, the player has the opportunity to choose how much money he wants to bet on the game. In the casino plinko game on 1win, the site can bet from $0.30 to $100 at a time.

1win Plinko

Why did they make 3 rows of holes?

In addition to the fact that you can choose the difficulty level of the Plinko game, the game developer has given players the opportunity to choose the level of risk. That is, each row has its own coefficient of return:

  1. Red is the riskiest row. The hole in the middle has zero profit. So if the ball hits it, the player will lose his money completely. But if the ball hits the extreme hole on the left or right side, the player receives the maximum win. Depending on how many holes are in a row, the maximum win can also be different.
  2. Orange - a series of medium riskiness. The central hole has a small profit factor, x0.2. That is, if the ball hits this hole, the player will receive a fifth of the invested funds. However, the maximum profit here is much lower than in the red row.
  3. Green is the riskiest row to play. Here the center hole has x.05 odds, so the player only loses half of their bet. At the same time, if you play Plinko exactly behind this line, then you must take into account that the profit here is the smallest in all holes.

So, players can independently choose the level of risk in the game Plinko 3D on 1win official site, which is more acceptable to them.

Are there additional features in Plinko online game for real money?

The online version of Plinko slot has additional features while playing in automatic mode. The developer added several settings to the autoplay menu at once:

  • Particularly select the row for which profit or loss will be calculated.
  • Number of games in a row in automatic mode. You can choose from the following options: 3, 10, 25, 50, 100, 200 or 500 games.
  • Setting the amount to reduce the main account. That is, the player can indicate that he needs to stop the game if the amount on the account has decreased by 100, 200 or 380 USD.
  • Stop the game if the winnings exceed a certain amount, such as $50 or $5,000.
  • Increase or decrease the bet by a certain amount in case of loss.
  • Also increase or decrease the bet if you win.

That is, the players have a very wide range of activities that can be chosen to make the casino plinko game profitable in auto mode.

1win Plinko

Mobile version of the online game Plinko 3D

The developer understands that most gamers today use mobile phones and tablets. Therefore, plinko casino was developed in advance with the introduction of HTML5 technology. Which allowed to use the game on any mobile device with the Android or iOS operating system. And also play Plinko on the 1win website using any mobile browser.

You can also play Plinko 3D by installing 1win mobile app. To download Plinko 3d to your gadget, you must first go to the 1win website and download the file suitable for your operating system. After you click on the appropriate button, you can download Plinko 3d to your phone after confirming that you really want to do it.

After downloading, you will need to find the file and click on it to initiate its installation. Also, on Android, you will need to additionally confirm that you agree to install the file from an unknown source. Upon completion of the installation, you will be able to play at the casino Plinko and other games from BC 1win without even opening a browser.


Can I play Plinko 3D for free on 1win?

On the 1win website, players can play Plinko using the demo mode. That is, making bets using virtual money. Thus, they do not need to invest their own money, so the game is free. But it is worth remembering that when playing for virtual money, you do not have the opportunity to win real money.

How reliable is the Plinko game?

The 1win bookmaker is very meticulous about its reputation. Therefore, it provides players with exclusively certified online games from trusted providers that have all the relevant licenses. Therefore, you can be sure that the Plinko game is verified and all game results are truly random.

How much can you win by playing Plinko on 1win?

Playing Plinko at 1win online casino you can win 555 times your stake. If you bet $10 on a game and the ball ends up in the outer hole, you will receive $5,500. But this is only on condition that you have chosen a red row in which there are 16 holes. In other cases, the winning amount will be less.

How is playing Plinko better than slots?

Although Plinko does not offer such huge winnings and jackpots as in slots, the ability to manage risks on your own is somewhat more important here. Using slots, you completely depend on how the game is set up and have the ability to change only the amount of the bet. In Plinko, you have the power to change your risk/reward ratio at any time.
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