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1win Rocket Queen online game

1win Rocket Queen online game

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The virtual game Rocket Queen is a classic version of entertainment in the crash format. The famous Lucky Jet was used as the basis for creating a gambling game for money. If we consider the simulator from the mechanics side, nothing has changed in the new model. But when gamers get access to Rocket Queen 1vin, they will realize that after all, the crash game is different from the previous version. In the process of creating the model, all shortcomings and connection problems were taken into account, so the new simulator is fully optimized, in particular for running on mobile devices. It will become even more comfortable to play, and the level of security has remained the same. So players won’t have to worry about their money. Unauthorized interference for users who have chosen 1win official site is completely excluded.

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Rocket Queen interface and access

The design of the new crash game and the main character deserve special attention. The centerpiece is a rocket that takes off into the sky, and on it sits an attractive blonde with a magnificent bust. It has become a real decoration of entertainment on the website of the online casino 1 win.

The main operating parameters of the virtual slot include:

  • The minimum bet is $0.1;
  • The maximum bet is $140;
  • The maximum coefficient is 1000x;
  • The biggest win is $280,000;
  • RTP ― 97.2%;
  • Protection technology - Provably Fair.

A high rate of return and innovative technologies allow players to regularly win on the 1win casino site, improving their financial situation.

Rocket Queen slot at 1win

What are the advantages of playing Rocket Queen?

The new Rocket Queen slot quickly became popular among players from all over the world.

Such success was achieved due to a large number of positive nuances, including:

  • The highest quality visual special effects inherent in similar models of simulators from the exclusive developments of the digital studio 1win. The gameplay is characterized by smoothness, and the background is drawn to the smallest detail. The character is also detailed, which is immediately visible;
  • The value of the maximum coefficient has increased to x1000, as a result of which the probability of winning more solid sums of funds becomes higher. But the victory still depends on the operation of the random number generator;
  • Rocket Queen execution mechanics remained similar to Aviator 1win, so players will not have to get used to something new. Gamers will be able to continue playing other simulators from the well-known casino, such as Lucky Jet;
  • Compatibility with portable devices via browser downloads has been greatly improved. Playing Rocket Queen has become much more convenient than in similar games for real money.

The developers took into account all the subtleties, shortcomings and weaknesses of previously released simulators to make a high-quality and comfortable game.

Rocket Queen 1win game rules

To start playing Rocket Queen, you just need to download the official website of the 1win casino and find the simulator using the search bar. You can also immediately go to the section with exclusive casino offers, where you can choose the model you are interested in. To get started, the user needs to register a personal account on the platform, which takes 1-2 minutes on average. After that, all that remains is to deposit money into the account and receive 1win welcome bonuses in the amount of 500%. If these conditions are not fulfilled, the player will only be able to observe the game of other participants and their statistics.

The main rules of gameplay in Rocket Queen are as follows:

  1. Choose the most profitable strategy.
  2. Make a bet before launching a rocket in 1win Rocket Queen.
  3. Wait for the end of the game session.
  4. After the start of the round, all that remains is to activate the «Withdraw» key so as not to lose your chance to receive funds.
  5. If the gamer is unlucky enough to collect the winnings before the rocket leaves the playing field, his bet will burn.
  6. The game should continue as long as there is a budget and time allows.

Since rounds can only last a few seconds, decisions should be made fairly quickly. Therefore, many players choose the automatic mode of the Rocket Queen 1win game, in which the winnings are withdrawn when the rocket reaches a given multiplier. This mode makes the gameplay more comfortable and allows you to use additional tactics.

You can also place 2 bets at the same time in one round. This feature is suitable for more experienced players who choose a specific two-bet strategy.

Rocket Queen play at 1win

Famous winning strategies

The most profitable strategies that allow players to make good money playing 1win Rocket Queen are presented below:

  • Economical tactics with low multipliers;
  • Medium risk tactics;
  • A strategy with two bets, in which one hedges the other;
  • Ladder rates;
  • Reverse ladder tactics;
  • Strategy for high-risk high rollers.

The first option is suitable for novice players who want to earn, but do not have enough experience in this field.

Choose automatic game mode. At the same time, it is worth setting the range of multipliers 1.01-2.0. With such tactics, the player will fully understand the mechanics of the Rocket Queen online machine, which will allow him to use more profitable strategies in the future.

Tactics with moderate risk are considered the most popular. It has almost 100% similarity with the previous version. The only difference is that the values of the multipliers vary in the range of more than x2.0. The probability of losing here is higher, which must be taken into account by players. But the maximum risks are observed when choosing the last strategy.

The main task of players in Rocket Queen is to make a bet and wait for the highest multiplier value: x50.0, x100.0, x150.0, etc. It is this tactic that will allow you to win a solid amount of money. But the risk of losses here is incredibly high. The main thing is to follow the rules of responsible play.


Is Rocket Queen slot worth betting?

Of course it's worth it. The crash reliability of the Rocket Queen game is due to the use of the innovative Probably Fair protection technology. The program is responsible for transparent game conditions and guarantees the randomness of the result. Also, players can independently check the fairness of each round with the help of statistics.

Does Rocket Queen slot machine have downsides?

According to many players, Rocket Queen still has several negative points. One of them is the lack of a demo mode, where you can play for demo credits without investing your own money. The second disadvantage is the attractiveness of the main character, which distracts from the gameplay and increases the probability of losing.

What are the benefits of Rocket Queen 1win?

The novelty of 1win Rocket Queen has clear advantages that attract the attention of players. The simulator has high-quality graphics and optimization for mobile devices. The main character is designed in detail and attracts connoisseurs of female beauty. New players can enjoy the low entry threshold. A particularly attractive offer will be the highest rate of return — at the level of 97.2%.

How to win at Rocket Queen?

There is no universal strategy for regular wins in Rocket Queen. The result depends only on the dexterity and success of the player himself. The results of each round are generated by a special program. The player cannot influence the course of events. The only way to increase the probability of winning is to use one of the most popular strategies.
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