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1win Royal Mines casino game

1win Royal Mines casino game

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1win Official Site continues to get better for its customers! Experienced visitors to the gambling establishment know what awaits them in one of the most saturated online casinos with gaming opportunities. But this time we have prepared a special offer for you - a new fast-paced gambling game Royal Mines. You will learn about its advantages and benefits from the point of view of earning real money right now! But first of all, let’s note that this is a unique software developed by the 1win games studio!

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Royal Mines — a simple and profitable game

Royal Mines casino is a completely new software that expanded the catalog of 1win games developers to 8 titles. This is the own studio of the online casino of the same name, on the website of which there are always new opportunities for gamblers. But returning to the game itself, it is impossible not to note its potential hidden behind simple rules. Why exactly? Because a virtual minefield is waiting for you, through which you need to go in order to win!

1win Game Rules Royal Mines is very simple, as you only need to choose the available fields to step on. Each successful move will gradually increase your winnings. And this is where the first good news is hidden - you don’t have to go to the end and risk everything! You can make a profit from a new game at any stage. The basic mechanics are very similar to what the best crash games offer gamblers, but with one important difference - here you are not limited by time!

Main features of the new online casino

Of course, any 1win slots can be described in different ways. And be that as it may, each client will note for himself only those things that are important to him. That is why it is best to evaluate any software with your own eyes. But in the case of Royal Mines, everything is much easier because of the available advantages.

Let’s briefly present what each gambler will receive:

  • Modern technological game - Royal Mines 1win gives the player unlimited possibilities thanks to its universal structure. You can earn real money sitting at home or even on the go! After all, the game is best adapted not only for browsers, but also for mobile devices. Moreover, modern and bright graphics, complemented by high-quality sound, will await you.
  • Maximum profit - the main goal of every gambler is obvious. Therefore, the developers of Royal Mines made it so that every customer of the online casino could get a tangible profit. Despite the non-standard gameplay, you can continue to play at high stakes! But even beginners will be able to find their place under the sun. The minimum bet limit has been reduced to a few hryvnias.
  • Manual Game Setup - It’s always nice to be able to play games with full understanding of their rules. But in this game you will be able to install them yourself! Make your gameplay more difficult or easier with a flexible customization system. In Royal Mines online, you can reduce the size of the playing field or increase the variation for moves. Of course, the latter scenario will result in a significant increase in the odds for your bet!
  • Fast process - the new game 1win casino meets all the demands of modern gamblers. It is fast, profitable and has an atmosphere that you will remember for a long time! But it is the constant pace that helps to constantly maintain a sense of excitement! Moreover, thanks to this feature, you can receive funds just as quickly.

Royal Mines play at 1win

Play Royal Mines and earn unlimited money

Playing new online casino games is always a pleasure. But it is even better to be aware of the fact that this is a unique software. Just imagine - you will become one of those who can receive profits using a modern tool! And it will remain unavailable to others — only to 1 win customers. All that remains is to find the time, opportunity and excitement to make your dreams come true!

Royal Mines casino can give you even more - just start playing! It has already become a discovery for modern gamblers who are tired of monotonous slots. After all, the work of 1win games proved that gambling entertainment can be different. Both from the point of view of technical performance and due to its profitability. All that is required of you is to believe in yourself and your intuition!


What settings are available in Royal Mines on 1win?

In the new Royal Mines 1win game, you have a wide range of options to manually customize the gameplay. First of all, it concerns the selection of the size of the virtual field. You can start playing with 2x3, 3x6, 4x9, 5x12 and 6x15 fields. The bigger the size of the virtual field, the more money you can get!

Can you play Royal Mines in the 1win mobile app?

You can continue playing Royal Mines online in the 1win mobile application! Just install the appropriate version of the application on your smartphone: Android or iOS. After that, go to the appropriate section and find the game you need by name. It will be even faster to filter the catalog by clicking on the 1win games section.

What is the minimum deposit required to play Royal Mines?

To start Royal Mines casino you will need a minimum deposit. In the online game itself, the size of the minimum bet depends on the selected currency — in UAH, you will need a few hryvnias. Please note that the available amount of the minimum deposit on the balance depends on the selected payment system!

How to win in Royal Mines at 1win?

In order to play and win in Royal Mines, especially a beginner, you need to learn the rules of the game itself. To quickly consolidate skills, it is better to start with small bets. You can make the process easier for yourself by reducing the size of the virtual field. You can increase it later to get more solid money!
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