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Basketball betting

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Sports statistics show that basketball is the most popular sport in the world after football. The most famous NBA basketball tournament is the National Basketball League. Every true connoisseur of this sport has at least once placed bets on NBA basketball. 1win Bookmaker offers all beginners and experienced bettors to win real money by betting on basketball online with the most favorable conditions.

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Basketball Betting: Popular Strategies

Most bettors want to win guaranteed money on bets in 1win. For this, players try out popular strategies. We do not guarantee that all methods will bring you winnings if you use them to bet on basketball online. We suggest you familiarize yourself with the most popular strategies used by experienced bettors.


It is for basketball that this betting system is considered the most effective, as under certain conditions it is guaranteed to give an opportunity to win real money in bk 1in. Using a simple example, we will show the principle of operation of this strategy.

To begin with, you need to place bets on live basketball on two bookmaker sites. As a rule, the coefficients will not exceed the mark of 2.0. But if you manage to find the coefficients below, for example, from 1.80 to 1.99, then the corridor strategy will be effective.

“catch up” method

Such a system is most often used by bettors placing bets on the USA NBA basketball in playoff matches. There is almost no dry calculation in series of such games, since when the score is, for example, 3:0, the coach brings the reserve team of players onto the field for the next game. It is at such a moment that bettors need to take this into account and place 1win basketball bets on the underdog.

  • Start betting starting from the second match.
  • When the score is 4:0, do not change the betting plan and continue to bet on the defeat of the favorite.

It is important, when betting on basketball online according to this strategy, to choose BC with high limits on maximum amounts.

bets on basketball 1win

Bets on plus handicap

Professional bettors advise not to bet on a clear favorite, as such bets on basketball have low odds. It is necessary to analyze in advance all the team’s chances of winning and only then choose a handicap.

Be sure to take into account the fact that the main goal of the team on the playing field is to win the match, and not to defeat the opponent. This is especially true for NBA playoffs. Therefore, it is not the score with which the team wins, but the very fact of victory that is important. Bet on nba basketball based on this statement.

  • Experienced bettors always take into account the handicap or the chance of an advantage of a weaker player.
  • It is better to choose a positive handicap, as some outsiders close the gap significantly closer to the end of the match.

Consider that in important tournaments, such as the NBA, the underdog always accumulates strength. It is worth placing bets on live basketball, taking into account this fact.

On the result

When placing bets on basketball according to this strategy, be sure to consider whether the presence of overtime is indicated in the pair. Extra time gives the opportunity to correct results, so bookmakers always split these types of bets. In the bookmaker office 1win rules of the game on bets according to this strategy are simple:

  • victory of the first team;
  • victory of the second team;
  • victory including overtime;
  • draw

When betting on basketball using this strategy, do not forget to include overtime.


The 1win bookmaker offers bettors the widest selections for these types of bets. You can bet online on individual, overall totals, or match results with or without overtime.

Basketball live betting

Separately, we would like to familiarize you with bets that must be made in real time. Their difference is that bets on live basketball are made directly during the live broadcast of the match. Bettors see all the moments that can significantly affect the course of the game and change the score of the chosen team.

  • Carefully follow the game and take into account all the smallest changes.
  • Use the strategy of changing the odds to win real money guaranteed in 1win betting.

The advantage is that during online you can correct the bet and compensate the costs, unlike the pre-match.

bets on nba 1win

How to bet on basketball in 1win

To begin with, you need to create a personal account on the bookmaker’s website. Registration at 1win is simple and takes only a few minutes.

  • Go to the main page of the official website 1 he.
  • Click the button “Registration” and fill out the questionnaire.
  • Enter your phone number and email address to confirm account creation.
  • Select the UAH currency and payment system for withdrawing funds and replenishing the balance.
  • Be sure to confirm your identity and age by providing copies of your passport.

After registration, receive a deposit bonus - 500% to the account for the first 4 balance replenishments. This money can be won by playing online slots and then used as your own when betting on basketball.

How to calculate the odds of winning in 1win

Now you know the basic strategies and how to start betting on basketball online at 1win and win real money. But the main question that beginners ask is how to calculate the chances of winning?

The probability of winning bets in 1win is calculated by a simple mathematical formula. This is a ratio of 100% to the number of possible outcomes. As a rule, in Ukraine, decimal coefficients are used to calculate sports bets.

Calculation of the chances of winning

  1. 80% - probability of winning
  2. 100%:80% = 1.25
  3. We get a coefficient of 1.25, which we multiply by the amount for calculation

For example, you bet 2000 hryvnias on a match with a coefficient of 1.25. Your bet won, so you get 2000x1.25 = 2500 hryvnias.

Why it is profitable to bet on basketball in 1win

  • Availability of statistics. Unlike other sports, in basketball there is an opportunity to monitor the statistics of one or another team throughout the year. This greatly helps players in choosing a strategy and makes it possible to win much more often based on the received data.

  • Wide range of rates. 1 win betting office on basketball online offers betting on different results of the game. This allows even beginners to start winning real money.

  • Regularity of matches. Unlike seasonal sports, the game of basketball does not depend on the weather. Matches are held all year round, both on indoor and outdoor grounds. One team can play from two to four games in a week.

Betting online on basketball at the 1 win bookmaker is always profitable. Sign up today to claim your casino and bookmaker welcome bonus and start your journey to success.


How to bet on basketball in 1win from the phone?

For all registered players, 1win BC offers a great opportunity to bet on basketball online from your phone. Go to the official website and install the free application for Android or iOS. The program is easily adapted to your smartphone, you need to enter the login and password specified during registration. Additionally, get a deposit bonus for installing the application.

Is it possible to bet on basketball online in foreign currency?

During registration in 1 win, the default currency is UAH. In your personal account in the "Checkout" section, you can independently change the payment system and choose a different currency. Please note that withdrawal of money to the card of any Ukrainian bank will be carried out with conversion.

Can under 18s bet on basketball at 1win?

No, because during registration, 1win bk carries out a mandatory procedure for verifying the client's profile. Therefore, only adult players can bet on basketball online. This is a requirement of the Law of Ukraine on Gambling and Betting, which was adopted in 2020.

Is it possible to change pre-match basketball bets?

The peculiarity of bets on basketball in 1 win bk in the prematch is that they are made before the start of the game. Therefore, it is technically impossible to make changes to the amount and type of bet when the match has already started. We recommend beginners to bet live - in this case, you have the opportunity to use the catch-up strategy while watching the game. This can have a beneficial effect on winnings.