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Many are interested in how to bet on boxing correctly? But let’s figure out where predictions for fist fights came from and why they are so popular? Since time immemorial, people have enjoyed watching others compete with each other in a variety of sports, from football to hockey to martial arts. This is how fans used to watch how gladiators fight, how they argue in the streets, and now it has all grown into a big sport - boxing and fights without rules.

Today, many people around the world are interested in boxing. What is the reason for such popularity? At least because it’s adrenaline and a spectacular show, and the fans really like it. And if you add to this the charisma of the fighters and people’s interest in everything dangerous, then the perfect boxing formula emerges. That is why, later on, people began to bet on boxing, because they became less interested, and predictions are a great way to make viewing even more “hellish”.

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Why choose bk 1vin for betting?

It is because of this that bookmaker 1vin chose such a type of predictions as boxing bets and added them to its line. They are very popular among site users. Why so? Because boxing is not a difficult sport with a clear line and many interesting coefficients that provide an opportunity to win real money without serious efforts.

Why do many beginners in the field of betting choose 1win? There are a million answers to this question, but we are ready to list only the most important advantages of bk. Why do most boxing fans use 1win site to place their first bets on boxing? Let’s figure it out :

  • clear line and decent coefficients. For a beginner in the field of betting, this is quite a plus, because figuring out, for example, a very large football line does not become a problem.
  • no deposit bonuses and various promotions. This is a 1win bk chip, because bonus offers will suit almost every player. You will be able to find everything to your taste, it can be bonuses without a deposit, promotions with free spins or no-deposit conditions at all!
  • quick withdrawal of funds. This is quite an advantage, because a quick withdrawal process is a rarity among bookmakers. And 1win is exactly the exception to the rules that does everything for the user. You can not only win real money, but also get it quickly.
  • accessibility to the resource. You can use the 1win site and place bets on boxing online without any obstacles. The following devices are suitable for the game: PC, laptop, and mobile phones based on Android or IOS. This means that there is no need to download and install any programs, everything is freely available!

Because of these main advantages, users love 1win bk and prefer it.

1win boxing bets

What you need to know to bet on 1win boxing

In order to start betting on boxing, you need to use some amount of information that will help you at the beginning of your journey into the world betting. It should be understood that betting on boxing is not betting on football or hockey. The line of this sport is not so wide and because of this it is easier to familiarize yourself with. What do you need to know about boxing to make the first prediction?

First of all, boxing is a competition between two fighters who have to endure 12 rounds against each other and win by one of the methods. We will talk about this later. So what else needs to be understood? Weight categories indeed! This is a very important thing that affects many factors that build the structure of the match.

This is the foundation of boxing, all weight categories are divided into eight pieces, if you group them, then they are: heavy weight, middle weight and lightweight.

What characteristics do these categories hide?

  • heavy weight. Low stamina, very strong hit and low speed. Due to this, fights often end before the end of the 12th round with a classic knockout or technical knockout;
  • average weight. Average indicators of impact, endurance and speed. Tough enough fighters to pick a favorite. Not very suitable for betting online due to unpredictability;
  • light weight. High stamina and speed, below average punch compared to others. The duration of the fight is above average, often the fights end with a decision of the judges.
Lightest weight Up to 52 kg
Semi-light weight Up to 57 kg
Light weight Up to 63 kg
Medium weight Up to 69 kg
Average weight Up to 75 kg
Semi-Heavyweight Up to 81 kg
Heavy weight Up to 91 kg
Super heavyweight From 91 kg

Knowing the main theses and properties of this sport, you can start making the first boxing bets together with 1win bk and win the first money!

1win boxing bets

How to bet live on boxing: 1win tips

Another way to bet on boxing is betting during the fight, or online predictions. This is no longer a beginner’s level and you will need to understand a little how fighters work and what you need to pay attention to in such cases. But 1win bk is ready to help you in this difficult task and tell you what things you need to notice in order to correctly choose the winner when placing live bets on boxing.

  1. Pay attention not only to what form the fighter was in before the fight, but also to what form he is in at the moment. This will help you to orient yourself as quickly as possible in what this or that person is capable of.
  2. It is important to observe the atmosphere in the athletes’ corners. The reaction of coaches can tell a lot, which is why you need to carefully monitor how they behave. Because this can be the decisive factor.
  3. Bruises and cuts, cuts and bruises. Injuries should always tell you where to move and in which direction to prefer, i.e. If you notice a bruise or blood, feel free to observe the further behavior of the fighter, if he starts to surrender, then load the online prediction against him!
  4. Don’t rush to conclusions. There’s no need to rush when you’re betting live on boxing. Because because of the fact that you can be guided by emotions, your prediction can become incorrect. Wait an extra round, it will help you make a more informed decision.

If you adhere to all these rules, and also understand how boxing regulars work, then the way to the world of betting is open to you. Where you can win real money just by playing sports!


Are withdrawals made quickly on the 1win site after a live box bet?

Yes, of course, withdrawals are one of the highest priority things that are monitored every day. It is important to understand that it is important for 1win that each user can receive their winnings in a timely manner and without any problems or after a live bet on boxing or another sport. That is why we are chosen and trusted.

Are real money box bets available on 1win?

The 1vin website has a wide variety of lines for all sports. You can make your predictions not only for football or basketball, but also for other sports, such as, for example, boxing bets, tennis, hockey and others. The most important thing is that you can win real money after the first prediction!

What promotions can I use to bet on 1win boxing?

There are many different bonus offers on the 1win website, and the promotions simply fascinate our users with their size! You can choose the following offer for the first bet box: +500% to the first deposit.

Can I bet on 1win boxing from my Android mobile?

Of course, because accessibility is everything. 1win suggests trying to access the site from any device that has a browser. You can use any device to place bets on boxing: PC or mobile phone based on Android or IOS. Thanks to this, you do not need to download programs, come and play!