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Cricket is a team game that has a large number of fans. This entertainment is most popular in India. The game ranks second in popularity after football, as India has a population of more than a billion people. Every year, cricket betting is becoming more and more popular, so it is an entertainment not only for the participants of the game, but also for gamblers who are happy to follow their favourite teams on 1win website, make sports betting and earn money at the same time.

Cricket bets

Online cricket betting: rules and tricks of the game

Before placing online cricket bets, you should carefully read the rules and understand the essence of the game. According to the rules, a player must hit the ball after the opponent has served. Each team consists of 11 participants who compete on a round field, the size of which can vary, but the central circle should be 20 metres in diameter. The most important moments of the game take place in this part of the field.

The game starts when one of the teams serves the ball and the other bats it back using a bat. The teams take turns serving and batting. There is a pitcher and 10 other players on the field. From the opposing teams, one player attacks. The attacker must score the most runs before being put out. It is recommended to place betting on cricket only after reading 1win rules of the game.

How to bet on cricket?

What is cricket at 1win

Cricket betting is somewhat similar to the classic football betting options:

  • Outcome - the one-day cricket format in bookmakers is presented only for a win. In the popular format, there is a line with three outcomes.
  • Handicap - when a favourite and an outsider meet, a minus and a plus handicap can be involved. One of the most popular cricket bets is the zero handicap. Bettors can use it when the game is played with approximately equal handicaps.
  • Total - there are general and individual totals. Totals include many statistical indicators and minor events.
  • Statistics - you can bet on team and individual data in popular matches.

There are also special online cricket bets today that allow you to significantly increase the chances of players and make the entertainment more interesting. A newcomer to cricket betting may be puzzled after learning the rules of the game. Among the analogues of such entertainment, you can find only baseball - it is the most similar to cricket. Betting options are limited by complex rules. Most bookmakers offer users to place two-sided bets on the winner.

The number of bets can also be adjusted. It is worth noting that only those who really know a lot about this sport and frequently visit casinos can make conscious and meaningful bets.

Betting on cricket is easy! To do this, you need to select the match and competition, and then click on the odds. After choosing the size of the bet, you need to confirm your action. If you want to be distracted, you can go to an online casino 1win and play the Mines slot machine.

Cricket betting: features

The principle of a game that can last for several days is a feature of the entertainment. For players to place effective bets, it is necessary to study the rules of the game well. It may take some time, but the result is worth it.

Other peculiarities are the following:

  • It is better to place live bets on cricket because the game is long. You don’t have to make quick decisions, as there is time to think and evaluate the course of the game;
  • Small difference in coefficients because the game involves teams of equal strength;
  • Low chances of the leader’s defeat, as the quote reflects the balance of power.

Weather conditions play an important role. This point will affect not only the outcome but also the duration of the match. In some cases, the match may not take place or be postponed until the weather conditions improve.

To determine which team will be the first to attack, a coin toss is held. The first team has the advantage of receiving a new ball and starting the competition on a fresh pitch. Cricket does not involve frequent ball changes, so the same attribute can be present in the game for up to 80 overs. Let’s consider how to bet on cricket: how to place and win.

Online cricket betting

Cricket betting: winning strategies

Taking into account the national peculiarities of cricket, it attracts the attention of professional players who are used to taking risks, but in such a way that they are as well thought out as possible. The line moves not only under the influence of intra-team factors, but also due to fans. A large audience of fans from certain countries move the line because they have bet on their favourite team.

As already mentioned, it is better to place live bets on cricket. The strategy is to watch the game slowly, assessing the risk and taking into account possible weather factors. The use of such tactics provides certain advantages over rivals and increases the chances of making a profit.

Cricket is one of the disciplines in which match-fixing often takes place. Messages about them regularly appear on websites, so it is worth following all the updates at 1win. Having information that a match-fixing is taking place, a bettor can refuse to bet on it. Cricket scores will help you understand in more detail how match-fixing works. From time to time, you can visit mini casinos to distract yourself and spend time with pleasure.

Cricket results at 1win


Cricket is not as popular in the country as in India, America, or Australia. Nevertheless, the game is beginning to attract the attention of users in our country. It is difficult to master the rules of the game, but persistent information gathering and match tracking will help to clarify the picture and allow you to learn the rules thoroughly. Professional bettors who place online cricket bets in bookmakers make good profits, so it is worth trying to understand the peculiarities of this sport and feel the atmosphere of the national English football.


What are the tips for beginners before betting on cricket?

The most important thing to do first of all is to carefully study the rules of the game to understand how to place effective online cricket bets. There are many different factors that can affect the outcome of the game.

Where to bet on cricket?

There are many bookmakers on the Internet, including honest platforms that really pay and offer the best conditions. However, there are often unscrupulous sites that deceive users. You need to place bets on cricket in trusted bookmakers that have been operating on the market for a long time and provide quality services, reliably occupying leading positions in the casino rating.

Is it possible to bet on cricket using strategies?

Cricket is a game with complicated rules, so it can be difficult to think of a strategy in betting. Bettors rely on their own experience and watch the match closely, as it will be clear what the outcome will be. Today, cricket betting is a fascinating entertainment that helps to earn good money.

Are there any additional bets on cricket besides the main ones?

Yes. The betting line can be overwhelming, so it's worth finding the right site that offers cricket betting and earning money on additional predictions.