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Cybersport is probably one of the most modern disciplines that is developing at an equally rapid pace. The main emphasis is on multiplayer computer games. That is why bets on eSports are gradually becoming popular. On the 1win official site, you can place a bet on eSports simply and profitably.

As evidenced by statistics of matches, it is e-sports disciplines that allow not only to enjoy the process of betting, but also to earn decent money, as in 1win games. But first, users who will go through the registration procedure on the bookmaker’s platform should know 1win game rules and the specifics of the chosen discipline and betting category.

Betting on cyber sports is becoming as popular as tennis, basketball or football. The increase in demand is mainly due to the fact that in this discipline there are sensational consequences of events, multiple streaks and favorable quotations. And the interest of young people in computer games only increases the interest of bettors in this direction, including for earning. But instead of the usual goals or sets, bets are placed on rounds (cards) in eSports. Also, the duration of tournaments does not have a time frame, so players should be prepared for the fact that they will have to spend enough time even for one match.

Betting on eSports

Variety of eSports disciplines

Last year and the current year, you can easily place bets on live eSports on the website of the 1win betting company. Most often, users place bets on Dota 2, LoL (League of Legends) and CS:GO. It is with these computer games that the majority of tournaments, whose prize funds reach millions of dollars, are connected.

But, in addition to these areas, players can make bets with real money on the following games:

  • Starcraft 2;
  • FIFA;
  • Call of Duty, etc.

In these areas, the bookmaker covers only the most important events that allow you to win solid sums of money.

Betting on cybersport cs go and others

Betting on eSports online: types and possibilities

Players can place bets on the following events:

  • result - determines the winner of the meeting;
  • total โ€• indicates the total number of rounds, cards, wounds or other indicators;
  • handicap - the selected team is ahead of or behind its opponent by a certain number of rounds, cards and other decisive actions;
  • totals that apply to a round or a specific card.

Variants refer to the most famous tournaments, such as CS:GO and Dota 2.

1win betting office on cybersport

Online betting on eSports: features of the procedure

Bets on eSports have characteristic features that are inherent only to them:

  • strong players participating in minor level competitions may lose the match;
  • because real money entertainment software is regularly updated, and in new patches there is an imbalance, weak teams can show unpredictable results of events;
  • each team of players has favorite and stock cards with them, which can show completely different results;
  • at tournaments held online in regions where participants are little-known players, contractual meetings are allowed;
  • some eSports disciplines depend on the in-game economy, where the chances of winning depend on how much money all members of the selected team have.

If we consider CS GO eSports betting as an example, we can conclude that a team that loses several rounds can win in the end only if all players have enough money to buy powerful weapons.

Most popular eSports bets

Many players believe that betting on eSports online is represented only by such games as DOTA 2 or CS GO. Yes, they are considered the most popular, that is why the most tournaments of these online games are held. If you open the statistics on the official 1 win portal, you can come to the conclusion that bets are most often placed on CS GO. 1vin even has its own eSports team from this discipline that competes in regional level championships.

Where is the best place to bet on cybersport

Like bets in fast games, such as Speed โ€‹โ€‹& Cash, placing a bet in the eSports discipline is also fashionable in the bookmaker’s mobile application. A characteristic feature of this computer entertainment is the absence of a fixed number of rounds. The final result will depend on the individual score of each team.

Therefore, when choosing the CS:GO discipline, players should be prepared for the fact that they will have to wait a long time for the result. Although even this time spent on the 1vin site can bring pleasure and additional winnings in instant games like Rocket X. So, while watching an eSports match, players can participate in other instant draws and quickly replenish their balance.

Where is the best place to bet on eSports?

Choosing cyber sports bets as entertainment for the purpose of obtaining additional income, players can also count on some advantages offered by the 1vin bookmaker:


  • a wide variety of events - players will always be able to choose an interesting event for themselves on the office’s website. There are more than 10 disciplines to choose from, in which about 100 matches are held every day;
  • free viewing of the broadcast - players can not only make eSports bets, but also watch the broadcast of the meeting for free. The company’s customers can not place bets on the chosen discipline, but simply enjoy watching the event;
  • profitable margin of bookmaker 1vin - the company’s net earnings are on average 4-5%, which is considered profitable for bettors;
  • for the betting procedure, players receive pleasant bonuses - the reward can be received only if the bettor makes express sports bets online.

In order to bet on cyber sports and receive a bonus incentive (bonus for express) for this, you should fulfill the condition of the promotion from the bookmaker. The main feature is that bettors must select 5 or more events, after which add their variations of consequences to the coupon. If all the selected matches are winning, the player will be charged an additional percentage of the total winnings. The size of the percentage depends on how many events the player has chosen: the more tournaments, the higher the percentage value. The maximum bonus reaches 11% of the winning amount.


How to bet on eSports on the 1win site?

To place a bet on eSports, the user must first register his account on the official 1win website. At the second stage, he needs to top up his game account in the amount of at least UAH 100. Funds are credited instantly. Then it remains to go to the eSports section and select a match. After loading the event, you should decide on the outcome of the meeting.

What are the differences between online eSports betting?

Bookmaker bets on eSports are practically no different from others. The procedure of making a bet, forming the size of the winnings, watching the match - everything remains unchanged. The differences only concern the results. A player can bet money on rounds. The variety of types of bets remains unchanged.

Can I bet on eSports and watch the event?

Yes, of course you can. You can place a bet on eSports and then download the player with the match broadcast. To do this, on the page with the event, a key is available, which is located in the upper right corner. All users who have created their own account on the site can watch matches. You don't even need to deposit money into your account to download videos.

How to correctly place express bets on eSports?

Express bets on eSports today are no different from other types of imprisonment. The player needs to choose 5 or more events, then add to the coupon. The coefficients of each result are multiplied among themselves. As a result, the total value of the mullet of the express rate is formed. You can place a bet from a mobile phone or tablet.