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For many years, sports betting has delighted fans with the opportunity to support their favorite club. Football, basketball, hockey, tennis and others are the basis of betting. Every event in the world of sports helps people earn their first money by choosing the right result. You can bet on the winner or choose the best player of the match, or better guess the winner of the World Cup, all this is possible with 1win!

One of the most popular types of betting is betting on football. Why is that so? Because millions of people simply cannot live without football, and supporting interest with an interesting result is just a normal thing for some. Many different championships allow bettors to earn real money and 1win bookmaker helps in this! Betting on football is very popular on the site today. This is due to the fact that 1win bk provides one of the widest lines for football. And it is supported by very good coefficients, one of the largest among competitors!

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Why do beginners choose 1vin for betting?

Many beginners choose 1win betting to start their journey into the world of betting. Let’s find out why? There are many reasons for this, but we will list only the most important ones, for which users simply fall in love with bk :

  • fast registration process and clear interface. There are many cases when the user does not quite understand how to start playing on the bk, 1 he solved this problem! The interface is very accessible to everyone, and registration is fast;
  • best no deposit bonuses as well as sign up bonuses. The promotions offered by 1win are among the most profitable for users. Also, a big plus is that they are available not only to those users who have just registered, but also to regular visitors of the site;
  • modules for a game for every taste. Fantasy sports and online slots are exactly the features, in addition to sports betting, that our users love for their quality and good implementation;
  • quick withdrawal of funds. This function is one of those that 1win bk works on every day so that the user can receive his winnings quickly and without problems.

And these are just some of the benefits offered by the official 1vin website. Thanks to them, the game becomes even more enjoyable for each user and it becomes easier to win real money. We work on your comfort every day in order to be better!

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How to start betting on football with bk 1win?

In order to start your journey with 1win bk, you need to take several actions. The first and main thing is registration. The process of creating an account will not take much time for any user. The link will easily help with this - 1win registration, after which you can immerse yourself in the world of betting and slots.

After the account has been created, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the interface and all the functions of the site. Everything is very simple: at the top you can find all the game modes that are available to all 1win users. Betting on sports, slots, fantasy sports, 1 he casino and many others that will help you spend an evening after work not only fun, but also useful! We especially recommend visiting the “football betting” mode, where you can support your favorite club with just a few clicks.

Also, it will not be superfluous to visit the link - 1he rules of the game. There you will be able to familiarize yourself with all the rules that 1vin bk offers to its users. This will help avoid any unpleasant situations in the future.

Bets on football 1win

Football betting on 1 is one of the most popular forms of entertainment. Many users visit the site precisely in order to choose the correct result for one of the matches, which is presented in the wide line of 1win.

Many championships and various sporting events are presented for your first bet. The top 5 leagues that are the favorites of our users: EPL, LaLiga, Ligue 1, Serie A and Bundesliga. It is also not necessary to forget that there are also international ones: the World Championship, the Champions League and others. Choose your favorite and place your first bet!

In order to better understand the world of betting, let’s analyze one of the matches in order to understand what results are available and what coefficients exist on 1win bk. Let’s start with a bet on the Premier League, because it is a more popular championship that is loved by many fans. That is why it will not be difficult to find information about this or that team, as well as analyze their results.

bets on football in 1win

Match Arsenal - Newcastle

Arsenal v Newcastle is a good match to pick your first result. Why, let’s figure it out. The Gunners are doing very well this season and Newcastle United are doing a good transfer business and are getting stronger after the purchase of the club by the Sheiks. It is precisely because of this that such a confrontation is not only very interesting, but also quite equal. Therefore, the coefficients will be very attractive and interesting results are quite profitable.

Arsenal is the favorite and the victory of the Gunners will be a good option for the first bet in the Premier League. It is also worth noting such results as “both will score” and “total goals more”. Such bets can be the first on your way to the world of betting.

The main odds for the match Arsenal - Newcastle United

Arsenal win Draw Newcastle United win
1.85 3.85 4.16

Odds on other match results

Both will score Total goals - 2.5B
1.69 1.75

Tips from 1win: how to bet on football and not lose?

1win bk is happy to prepare some useful tips for beginners who are just getting to know what soccer betting is. The question “how to bet on football and not lose” is very difficult, because there is no one hundred percent result. But you can reduce the risks if you follow the following points:

  • For your bets, choose only those events and championships with which you are well acquainted. This will help you find only the information you need, and also perform productive analysis;
  • before placing any bet, analyze the previous matches of both teams. Thanks to this, you will be able to understand what form the clubs are in, and thanks to this, it will be easier to choose the right result;
  • don’t get emotional when betting. This will prevent you from choosing the right results because you will not be able to think rationally.

If you follow these tips, the world of betting can open up for you in a new way. Winning real money will not be a problem, and with a wide line from 1win - it will be even easier!


I placed bets on the Champions League and won, how long will it take to withdraw funds from the 1vin site?

Withdrawal of funds for 1win bk is a very important thing that we work on every day. This is done so that the user can receive his winnings as soon as possible. By improving this function, we take care of the comfort of users and make the game process even more pleasant.

How to bet on football at 1win bk correctly?

To bet correctly on football with 1win, you need to be well acquainted with the teams you are betting on. You also need to conduct good analytics, then winning money will not be a problem!

Can I bet on football from an Android smartphone to play on 1vin bk?

In order to bet on football today on site 1, it will fit any device that has a reinstalled browser. This means that there is no need to download any programs, everything will work online. Indeed, a mobile phone based on Android or IOS will fit just as well as a personal computer or laptop.

What bonuses and promotions are available at 1win to bet on football today?

The 1win site offers only the best promotions and endless bonuses that will help every user win real money by betting on football. We advise you to familiarize yourself with such an offer as +500% to the deposit. This is the most popular bonus that 1win gives to its favorite users.