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Sports betting on hockey are not considered as popular as football, but they occupy a leading position in the lists of sports disciplines of the 1-win bookmaker. Hockey competitions attract a large number of spectators due to their entertainment, the dynamism of the gameplay, the constant physical collisions of both teams arguing for victory. Therefore, for those who like to bet on hockey, it is difficult for bookmakers to predict the correct result, since most often in duels there are levels in the strength of the team. Many experts recommend that before placing a bet, get acquainted with the forecasts from the KHL specialists and the NHL rates for today.

1win bookmaker offers its customers favorable odds on all sports disciplines, including including hockey. Therefore, betters do not have to be in a long search for a reliable bookmaker that guarantees fair conditions for cooperation and instant payouts. On the official resource of 1win casino, the hockey betting category has a detailed breakdown of the lines for each match. Therefore, players will be able to quickly and easily understand the betting procedure and start earning real money on their hobby.

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Live betting on hockey: expert advice

In order for bets on hockey Ukraine to be winning, it is important to familiarize yourself with the main recommendations of experts before placing them.

In particular, advice from BC 1win on the strategy of online betting on hockey will increase the chances of winning:

  • understand the process of the game and the betting procedure in order to avoid rash actions in the future;
  • perfectly study the championship and the selected match, have information about the composition of the teams, the strengths and weaknesses of their players;
  • understand the list of existing strategies, as well as be able to apply them to a particular tournament.

Familiarity with the analytics of the latter is considered a prerequisite for successful bets on hockey with odds. So high performance should cover the amount of invested funds.

Advantages and disadvantages of rates

Each type of betting on a particular type of sports discipline has its positive and negative sides. This also applies to hockey.

The key advantages of betting on hockey matches are considered to be:

  • a large number of bets on hockey with odds greater than 2.0;
  • The frequency and number of games are of high importance - a large number of teams take to the ice in one season, hockey tournaments are held almost daily;
  • fullness of high-scoring events (in almost every match, a large number of pucks hit the goal, which increases the interest of bettors on the 1win website to watch the broadcast and, in general, to bet on hockey in live mode);
  • The current form of the team is easy to read, so it will be easy for players to bet.

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Risk in online hockey betting - how to win more

But besides the advantages of sports betting, hockey also has some controversial points. Among them are a large number of variables. This means that one of the teams does not necessarily win in the main period of the game. That’s what overtime and shootouts are for. When meeting, the results can also be affected by the removal of players from the ice. Another significant disadvantage is the complexity of the analysis of the hockey team. Each fight involves 2 teams of 20 people, including substitutions. Almost all of them go out on the ice during the game. Therefore, such a feature, confirmed by the statistics of hockey odds for bets from the 1-win bookmaker, may affect the final bets. In addition, the regular season does not affect the overall result.

Hockey betting online: variations to win

In order to make money on bets, you must first successfully complete the main procedure on the official resource of the bookmaker 1, i.e. registration directly. 1win registration is considered the first and most important step on the way to victory.

The second determining factor will be the right choice of a strategy that has a direct impact on academic performance, for example, betting on the NHL. Experienced betters use different methods, alternating them with each other. They depend on the selected match.

  • Betting on hockey live. In this sport, a large number of comebacks are observed during one half, so when choosing the real-time mode, betters get a unique opportunity to catch a good coefficient.
  • System. It includes odds on hockey bets with high values, which as a result form accumulator bets. With the right approach, the probability of winning a solid sum of money is quite high.
  • Result. Betting on the result of the selected match of a prisoner through the site 1 vin is considered quite difficult, since a weak team can win during the game, taking into account several shootouts. The only advantage of the chosen strategy is higher odds.

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Varieties of hockey bets

Alternative winning strategies include the following types of bets on hockey Ukraine:

  • Total. Betters’ attention to the value of the total justifies their expectations. In the NHL league, 10-15 goals are scored per match, which has a positive effect on the final result of the bet and the bet played on nhl.
  • Fora. In a hockey match, the victory of one team over another by several goals is not new. Therefore, many players make Internet bets on hockey, choosing the handicap of one of the clubs.
  • Long-term bets. You can bet real money on the result of tournaments, that is, whether the team will reach the playoffs or become the champion. The choice of the proposed tactics can increase interest in one of the teams throughout the season.

In addition to the listed betting options, 1win casino bettors can also bet money on a double result of an event, a club victory, taking into account shootouts, an outsider or a favorite. In this case, Martingale, catch-up or arbitrage strategies are used.

How to bet on hockey online at 1vin

1win bookmaker has a clear interface that allows betters to easily understand the sequence of betting and start winning money on it. But first, it is worth understanding the features of hockey meetings. It is important for players to be aware that match participants can be removed from the ice during gameplay. When there is very little time left before the end of the match, and the club loses, most often the coach removes the goalkeeper from the gate and releases him onto the playing ice. In this scenario, the score can dramatically change several goals. When a draw is observed, the bet on hockey on the victory of one of the teams is automatically canceled and everything is settled by extra time.

If this still fails to establish a winner, shootouts are added after the match ends. Betters in this case should make sure on the concluded pair. But for this it is necessary to conduct a detailed analysis of the upcoming event. It is important to take into account all previous indicators for betting on hockey at the 1win bookmaker and team data. Betting on nhl or on another important tournament should only be done after the mathematical calculations have been made.

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What should be taken into account in the analysis - the opinion of 1win experts

Qualitative match analysis includes several important factors that must be taken into account during the match. These criteria include:

  • percentage of pucks rejected by the goaltender;
  • utility ratio indicates the number of goals scored and missed goals during the match;
  • performance of actions;
  • general team performance (difference in goals scored in one season, number of wins and losses);
  • motivation (sometimes it can be a big hit when the leading team is 10 or more goals away in the standings).

Also, the final result can be affected by injuries received on the ice in large numbers. In just one match at the club, half of the squad can be injured, which will affect the outcome of all meetings. Therefore, earnings on such bets on hockey in BC 1 win will depend entirely on the dedication of each player.


What hockey bets are considered winning?

In order to make good money by choosing hockey matches for betting, you first need to understand the possible variations. There are several types of bets on hockey: handicap, total, real-time, system, long-term. The choice of a specific option depends on the informational awareness of the better himself, for whom it is important to pre-analyze the upcoming event.

What are the benefits of betting on hockey online?

All online hockey bets have many positive nuances that attract an increasing number of 1 wine bookmaker customers. The main advantage is considered to be a large selection of coefficients with a value above 2.0. Hockey is generally liked by those who like to take risks. Also, the variety of games has a fairly high density, which does not allow players to get bored. Each meeting is filled with effective actions, which makes it spectacular.

Do online hockey betting have disadvantages?

Yes, they do. Internet betting on hockey, like a couple on other types of sports disciplines, has its drawbacks. The main disadvantage is the large number of variables. The negative side indicates that even the favorite team can lose the match for the most unforeseen reasons: getting injured, removing a player from the ice, etc. In this case, the money earned is transferred to the bookmaker's asset.

What factors are taken into account when analyzing hockey bets?

In order for hockey betting to bring money and pleasure, an analysis of the main factors should be carried out before the start of the match. That is, it is important for a better to know the number of goals scored, the effectiveness of actions, the general indicators of the hockey club, the utility factor, etc. The study of all indicators will allow you to choose the right strategy for winning.