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1win Thimbles online slot

1win Thimbles online slot

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Thimbles is developed by the cutting-edge design studio Evoplay. Decided to bring the street classic game “thimbles” into the virtual universe, adapting it to Full HD HTML5.

On the official page of the game on the developer’s website, the RTP is stated at 96%. The game mechanics are surprisingly simple. Thimbles game involves a virtual field on which 3 or 5 barrels (cups) are lined up in a row, each of which can hide one or two gems. Is the goal of the player to find this pebble after that? how all thimbles will be automatically shuffled.

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Thimbles game where did it come from and how to win

Thimbles is an old, gambling, oriental game in which two people and a leading player participate. The task of the presenter is to hide one ball (pebble or ball) under three identical foxgloves. The leader covers the ball with a thimble, and then begins to move them randomly and change places. The Thimbles demo virtual format uses the same scheme. Only the role of the host is played by the computer and the location of the ball under the thimble is determined using a random number generator, as in any slot machine in 1win online casino.

The player must watch the stone and guess which thimble it is under. This game tests attention and reaction. However, if earlier it was life-threatening to play thimbles - thanks to Evoplay, now you can enjoy gambling without leaving your own apartment and risking neither your wallet nor your life.

How to play and win at Thimbles?

Slot machine for real money Thimbles is very gambling. Despite the attentiveness of the player, the dexterity of the master or virtual machine allows him to hide the ball well under any of the thimble. The player can choose one of two levels of thimbles. Free in Thimbles game demo or real money bets. Also, the developer has provided several speed options. Yes, a beginner can choose a low level in thimbles.

As you increase your speed level, the thimble shuffling will also increase, making it harder to track your movements. At the most difficult levels, you need to be very careful to see which container the ball finally ended up under.

On 1win Ukraine you can play classic thimbles, casino thimbles, as well as funny thimbles where, for example, a funny dog can play the role of a ball.

Interface and design of the game

The graphics in the game thimbles are done at a good level. In one flash game you will play in the sun, sea and sand with an interesting personality of Caucasian appearance. In place of the ball, there can be any gem or ring. In the casino version, before guessing where the ball is, you need to place a bet, which will determine the amount of your winnings if he wins. For special fans of games in the thimbles genre, there are many other types of such entertainment at 1win casino.

For example, some games may have more than three thimbles. There are only three of them in the classic version of the thimbles street game, because they can be perfectly mixed that way. But the computer can mix five or seven cups at a time. True, with an increase in the number of thimbles and attention, you will need to apply much more to win.

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Thimbles features

The main task of the player in Thimbles is simple and predictable. Find one gem under one of three identical containers. All containers are upside down. Each bet played can give the winner a 2.88x win from the original bet. If there are two balls under the thimbles, then the winning coefficient is reduced to 1.44. The thimbles game is one of those where the maximum amount of possible winnings is fixed and it cannot exceed 280 euros or its equivalent in the casino currency.

There are no so-called 1win bonuses. That is, the game itself does not provide insane instant wins, but you must admit that choosing only one of the three options is always easier than getting a winning combination of three symbols on 25 paylines.
Consequently, there are not so few fans of this machine. As a rule, gambling industry professionals put the game in that letter of thimbles strategies.


What is the maximum win for Thimbles?

The maximum win in Thimbles Game is set at 280 euros. Such information is published on the website of the developer Evoplay. There are two schemes for accruing winnings. For one guessed stone under three containers, the player can get the bet amount increased by a factor of 2.88. If the player has chosen the game mode for two stones, his maximum win does not exceed the bet multiplied by a factor of 1.44.

Where can you play Thimbles for free?

You can play Thimbles for free and without registration on the official resource of the developer Evoplay. Also, following the link on the Internet, you can find exactly what deserves attention in the ranking of the best online casinos. Most likely, this resource will also host an automaton and an available Thimbles demo mode.

How to withdraw winnings in Thimbles?

The mechanics of withdrawing winnings is no different from transactions on any other slot machine. Having received the maximum Thimbles winnings, it is automatically transferred to the player's personal deposit. In order to issue a withdrawal of funds, you must go through the verification procedure on that resource. Which has been chosen as the online casino. After issuing an application for withdrawal, the transaction is bypassed or instantly. Or in a few minutes or hours. Depending on the selected payment method. And the higher the rating of the casino, the faster the customers receive their winnings.

How to bet Thimbles game?

In order to place a bet in Thimbles, you need to use the interface of the gaming machine. You can determine the size of the bet by pressing the left or right arrow buttons located at the bottom of the screen. A little further there are buttons that switch the game level: to 2.88 or 1.44. After setting the parameters, the containers are mixed automatically. The player only needs to choose the one where the pebble (or two) is hidden and get his winnings.
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