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Sports sweepstakes is a well-known way to win real money at a bookmaker. 1win official site invites all bettors to test their intuition and win in the online sweepstakes. In the article we will describe in detail all the conditions of the game and the rules for withdrawing funds.

What is 1win Sweepstakes? In simple words, this is a type of lottery where instead of numbers you need to guess the results of sporting events. The term “tote” originated at the end of the 19th century and since then the principle of this type of game has not changed.

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1win betting rules

Many people confuse the concept of sports betting in live/ordinary, etc. and betting online for money. The main difference is that with regular bets, the player himself chooses the sporting events on which he bets money. In the 1win sweepstakes, all matches are already selected in advance and the better needs to choose the option in which he guesses the maximum course of sporting events.

The second difference is the lack of coefficients. The prize fund of the totalizator consists of all the bets made by the players. The more bettors bet on sports, the more bonuses 1win BC will be given to the winners.

Basic rules for online sports betting:

  • tote coupon consists of 10-15 sports events;
  • the player must guess as many results as possible to win money;
  • Before the start of the totalizator, the 1win bookmaker determines exactly how many match scores you need to guess in order to receive money;
  • in some types of sweepstakes you need to guess all the results, and in some you can make 2-3 mistakes.

Sports 1 win betting is a third party between the bookmaker and the player. After all bets are made, the bet between the parties is considered concluded and the game begins.

What are the rates

All players registered in 1win betting shop can play on several types of betting online. The difference lies in the different forecasts and sports. You can bet on sports by choosing football betting, predict the results of tennis matches or eSports. Just 1win site offers dozens of options for fans of various sports.

Correct Tote

The hardest online cash betting for players has only a handful of sporting events. Betters need to accurately guess the course of all matches in the coupon. This is possible thanks to the developed intuition and excellent knowledge of the teams on which the funds are placed. BC 1win offers real money if you win on such a sweepstake.

Tote 1X2

The most popular 1 win online sweepstakes offers all players a coupon containing 10-15 sporting events. To win money, you need to guess one of the options for the course of the matches:

  • 1 - victory of the home team;
  • X is a draw;
  • 2 - away win.

Tote has three bet definitions when placing a bet. You do not need to guess the exact score - it is enough to determine the course of the game and get money for your own intuition.

tote 1win

How is a betting shop different from a bookmaker

Most novice bettors don’t see a significant difference between sweepstakes and 1win betting shops. However, with a detailed acquaintance with the rules, they determine the main difference between the two types of sports betting online.

No odds

Sports tote for money, it has no odds. When players choose a coupon and bet money on the results of matches, the winnings are formed from all bets made by all participants in the totalizator. The amount received by the winners depends only on the number of predicted events and on the initial bet of each player.

The principle of formation of the prize fund

The winnings from regular 1win sports betting are calculated by the bookmaker according to the formula bet*odds. A sum of money can be envisaged if these bets are not in dispute. A totalizator is a game with a prize fund that is formed by the time the first game starts. In advance, players do not know the total amount of winnings. After deducting the BC commission, the money is distributed among the winners in proportion to the bets made.

Sport events selection

When choosing sports betting, the better chooses the sports events on which they want to bet their own funds. Online totalizator 1vin is an already formed coupon in which all matches are selected by the bookmaker. The list cannot be edited, you can only select different types of games: football, hockey, tennis, etc.

How does 1win tote pay out

We wrote that online sports sweepstakes has a different payout condition from BC 1win. Let’s look at an example of how the winnings are distributed among the winners.

  • There was a 1win football sweepstakes where the total prize pool was €120,000;
  • Tote organizer takes up to 10% of the total prize fund;
  • 10% of the rest of the prize pool will be distributed among players who correctly guess the results of all 15 events;
  • Each better’s winnings will be paid in proportion to the stakes made;
  • After paying the money to the main winners, 1win BC will distribute the rest of the amount among all other players who guessed the number of events sufficient to receive a win

Thus, the online sportsbook pays out winnings, taking into account both the number of winners and the initial bets of each player.

tote 1win

How to win in online sweepstakes

Experienced bettors know how to bet in 1 win betting. For all beginners - a detailed step-by-step instruction on how to start winning online real money in 1win casino and bookmaker.

  • 1win registration is the first step to winning. Creating a personal account and filling out the questionnaire takes only a few minutes. Be sure to get a deposit bonus from the casino to play slots online.
  • Contribution of money to bet. Choose a coupon that includes interesting sporting events and deposit cash. The lower limit for betting is only 1€, but even this amount can bring a good win.
  • Be sure to take into account how many sporting events you need to guess exactly in order to win in the 1win sweepstakes. Most coupons are calculated on the result of 9 or more matches.
  • Beginners are advised not to bet large amounts online and start with bets that will not cause financial problems.
  • Always analyze all sporting events where you intend to play in the sweepstakes in the future. The 1X2 totalizator option does not require an exact determination of the match score. But it is he who makes it possible to take real money from 1win bookmaker.
  • Experienced players recommend alternating live/line sports betting and 1win online betting. This develops sports analytics and the ability to check your sports predictions.
  • Respect the rules of responsible gaming. 1win sports betting is a great way to test your intuition and luck. Don’t count on sports betting as your main means of making money online.

The official website of the 1win casino and bookmaker offers generous signup deposit bonuses to all new players. This is 70 free spins for depositing 1000 UAH. or 500% on a deposit for depositing 8830 UAH. to the balance. This is a great opportunity to start your path to winning right now!


Why is the withdrawal of funds won in the 1win sweepstakes not working?

When registering a personal account, verification of the game profile is a prerequisite. Contact the technical support service and provide the operator with the necessary documents. Within 24 hours, the administration of the 1win online casino will check your profile. After verification, you will be able to withdraw winnings from the 1win totalizator without restrictions.

How to bet on the 1win tote from a mobile phone?

Bets on sports events online tote 1win accepts from smartphones and tablets. To do this, you need to install a free application for Android or iOS. On the main page of the official website of the casino, select the application and download it to your gadget. After installing the file, the 1win login will be available with the login and password specified during registration.

Is it possible to bet on the 1win totalizator from the site mirror?

All registered players of the online casino 1win sports betting can open from any mirror of the site. Please note that you do not need to re-register. By clicking the "Login" button, enter your username and password. Next, go to sports betting and the Sweepstakes tab to bet cash.

How to top up the 1 win online tote from a bank card?

When registering, select your bank card in the Cashier section of your personal account as the main payment instrument. In the future, when making a deposit in an online casino and bk 1win, make all financial transactions through the selected option.