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Biathlon is considered the most popular sport in terms of forecasting. For example, cross-country skiing is a fairly monotonous spectacle, while biathlon with shooting is more diverse and interesting for observers. Sports are attractive for betting because their results can be extremely unpredictable. Biathlon betting is an entertainment suitable for risky bettors. Anyone who bets on biathlon knows for sure that the result can be unpredictable, since it is influenced by many factors.

Biathlon is classified as a winter sport. Qualifying and international competitions are big events for fans of the sport. They rush to make their predictions and eagerly await the results. Biathlon competitions are always an exciting spectacle, which is broadcast on popular sports channels around the world. Online biathlon bets are made by real fans of this sport. You can make a forecast for sporting events at 1win games.

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Biathlon betting: types and features

Since the season is too short, you can place bets for a short period. However, during the active phase of the season, competitions are held frequently and are filled with a large number of tournaments and qualifications on which gambling fans place bets.

Biathlon is divided by gender of participants and can be held in various formats: individual race, sprint, pursuit and other options. Naturally, each of them has separate regulations, which affects the types and number of bets. Biathlon betting today is an unusual entertainment, but worth attention.

Types of bets on biathlon:

  • Winner - the bet is placed on the athlete who, in the opinion of the bettor, will win the championship in the competition. In this sport it is very difficult to identify a favorite at the beginning, so the odds for such a bet start at 2.5.
  • Top three - forecast for players who rise to the podium based on the results of the competition.
  • Who is higher is one of the most popular bets, but not all bookmakers offer it. But those offices that provide the opportunity to make such a bet regularly place it. The bet involves predicting who in a pair of drivers will receive a higher position.
  • Misses are another popular position with high demand. This forecast involves determining the total mistakes of a particular participant.

biathlon betting 1win

Bookmaker bets on biathlon: preliminary analysis

Before placing bets on biathlon, it is recommended to do a preliminary analysis of all the schedules that will be possible in the competition. Since biathlon is not a team sport, the analysis will be somewhat different from the analysis of betting on football. In addition, the results are influenced by many factors that cannot be predicted.

Athlete uniform

For this indicator, it is necessary to study the last 5-6 competitions. It is important to evaluate how the player handles the rifle and the cleanliness of the athlete’s stroke. Biathlon betting reviews claim that the results can be extremely unexpected.


This indicator is important in all sports. The overall competition score can easily show how motivated a player is. Before placing a bet, it is necessary to study the participant’s previous competitions. This will greatly help in forecasting. Motivation depends on the home stages of the competition, the athlete’s personal life and other factors. Before placing bets on biathlon, you need to look for information about the participant and become familiar with his lifestyle for the current period.


Weather in biathlon is one of the most important aspects that directly affects the result of the competition. For example, if the snow gets heavier, then an experienced bettor will place a bet on one of the participants who are included in the first half of the starting protocol. This is because the other half will follow the broken road at a lower speed.

Weather conditions also affect the shooting result. If the forecast promises unfavorable weather conditions, then it is better to bet on those biathletes who leave and refuse to bet on those who shoot. Bookmaker bets on biathlon can be disappointing, so you need to be prepared for such a development. Then you can take a break and play in an online casino, where there is a large selection of entertainment for every taste.

biathlon betting 1win

Biathlon betting: advantages and disadvantages

When a bettor chooses a sport for himself, he needs to understand what advantages and disadvantages a particular discipline has.


  • The odds have a margin above average. Bookmakers do not always spend time on analytical work on this sport. This often results in mispriced positions inflating the odds. Experienced players definitely take advantage of this and make profitable predictions for themselves.
  • Different bookmakers offer different odds for the “who is higher” bet with the same high margin. The difference quickly disappears, but experienced bettors know that they can take advantage of this chance.

It is worth understanding that bookmakers may impose sanctions on the gaming account for using certain strategies. It’s better to place bets on biathlon or bet on boxing without the risk of getting sanctioned.


  • High level of margins. Since biathlon is not a popular sport, it has an inflated margin. There is no way around this, so players who do not have alternative options are forced to come to terms with this fact.
  • Low betting limits. It is difficult to find a bookmaker who can offer online biathlon bets of more than 10 thousand. On average, the maximum bet reaches 6 thousand.
  • No betting on biathlon. The sport is not that popular. Biathlon is popular in European countries where sports channels broadcast the competition. However, some bookmakers do not provide the opportunity to bet on biathlon, and if included in the line, then with only one outcome - on the winner. Biathlon fans have found a way out - using one office for all bets and a separate one only for biathlon. Looking for bets on biathlon in mini casinos is a bad idea, since such resources will definitely not offer such an option.
  • Live is a rarity. Finding a bookmaker who offers live betting on biathlon is extremely difficult. Lives are difficult to imagine in biathlon, especially since the game is not so popular and is held only in winter.
  • The factor of chance and its role. In sports games, chance is always present, and in biathlon, all competitions can be based on chance. The wind will start, there will be heavy snowfall - everything affects the result. Such factors make forecasts more complex and unpredictable.
  • Seasonal factor. Competitions take place from November to March, so for half of the year gamblers are not able to place bets on this sport, and participants may lose their form. Over such a long period, significant changes can occur that will significantly affect the results of the race. This means that only those betters who really understand the forecasts can predict the results. Nevertheless, even beginners do betting on sports and often get good results.

While the off-season period lasts, you can go to the casino and play Bombucks or other similar games.

Is it worth betting on biathlon?

Biathlon is an exciting game that attracts a large number of fans of this sport during its broadcasts. The unpredictability of the results adds excitement, so it’s very interesting to watch the process. At the same time, it is also very difficult to predict events, because they are influenced by various factors. A significant disadvantage for bettors is that competitions happen quickly, therefore, strategic decisions must be made without hesitation.


Which bookmakers are best to place bets on biathlon?

Not many bookmakers can offer online betting on biathlon, since the game is not as popular as football or hockey. If bookmakers do not offer bets on biathlon, you can search on Scandinavian or European platforms, since biathlon is a more popular sport in these countries.

Any tips for beginners on how to bet on biathlon?

The recommendations are that a beginner, before placing bookmaker bets on biathlon, should study in detail the sport and the players on whom he is going to bet. Prediction for this sport is a big risk, so proper preparation and understanding of all the intricacies of the game are important.

Do bookmakers offer live betting on biathlon?

Yes, but this is very rare. Since the sport is not popular, only a small number of bookmakers offer it live. Lives are difficult to present at biathlon competitions because they change dynamically. Bookmakers often offer live games with pauses, changing odds and other difficulties. These processes relieve bettors from the desire to place live bets on biathlon.

How to place winning bets on biathlon online?

There are no specific strategies in biathlon other than observation. Betters must study all the intricacies of the game and the factors that influence the outcome of the competition. Betting on biathlon involves a lot of risk as the results can be very unpredictable.